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Alp Arslan Episode 13 in Urdu Subtitles

Alp Arslan Episode 13 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 13 in Urdu Subtitles are So much so that Vaspurakan, thanks to our Alparslan Bey’s location at the foot of the Castle, sinks into the unbeliever’s eye. Yinal Bey is flying our Kinik banner. We can only be honored by the Turkish flag wherever it passes. We don’t inquire about height, and we don’t divide them. Whatever happened, it’s finally been discovered. The territories are under my authority as the governor of Mosul because Alparslan is acting voluntarily. Is it you, Yinal Bey, or me who is fighting blasphemy? Isn’t it true that we’re all obligated to work together for the religious state? Isn’t Sultan Tugrul Bey, Mikail’s son, the sultan of all of us?

Is Alparslan Bey still at the HQ?

Is there a different authority or position from whom we get orders? In Urdu, Alp Arslan Episode 13 Is a Decatur, Your Highness the Governor? Come. A strong Byzantine contingent from Vaspurakan Castle emerged, approaching His Excellency the Governor’s headquarters. Is Alparslan Bey still at the HQ? Sir, no. Mr. Batur now is not the time to debate. Let us fight for our homeland. We went to the address Kekavmenos had written in the name he had sent. We’re going to walk in silence from now on. You decide to stay and take a look around. Lets. Sir, there isn’t a trace or a breath. This has got to be the demon’s lair. Bismillah.

Everyone was brought to a halt by Alparslan Bey.

Don’t get up, and don’t let that wound bleed anymore. I must depart, Aknay mum. You mentioned that they brought my bundle from Oba; I’m curious where it was placed. They got it, brought it, and I wish they hadn’t. What went wrong? When you present your bundle, include the garments you’re hiding within. Isn’t it true, mother, that no one saw it? When Karaca gets the starboard and throws it in front of everyone, it’s good if someone notices it. Alparslan Bey silenced every one by claiming it was like this. I told you so, girl. Don’t worry, mom; I’m not going to let your trust in him go to waste. If you’re ready to ride a horse, let’s go back to the camp, Akça girl.

Episode 14   

These dishonest Turks are untrustworthy!

Everyone turned to the camp because of you, so we stayed here. What route will you take? Mother, you go ahead and leave; I’ll catch up with you later. That is not the case. Did you happen to notice what occurred to us on the way? My main concern isn’t for a long time. I’ll mature. These shady Turks can’t be trusted, so expect a nasty surprise. Please open the doors. Quick, arrows, shield wall! Stop Maintain the line! Take it out. Captain. Keep the line safe! They deceived us, which is why I termed them untrustworthy. Captain, we were also anticipating your arrival. Göktu, keep the line safe! Protect!

Spare no one of the traitors who want to take our land!

They’ve been watching us like hyenas while we’ve been gone. Spare no one of the traitors who want to take our land. Kiefer followed your instructions and arrived at the headquarters simultaneously as the other gentlemen. With the right of the sword, we will sever Keferen’s corrupt heads and hoist our banner. Behave, braves! Let’s go, braves! Thank you very much, sir. Do not close your eyes. Let’s see whether someone is waiting for us at the finish line. They were aware of our future, sir.

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