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Alp Arslan Episode 15 in Urdu Subtitles

Alp Arslan Episode 15 in Urdu

In Urdu, Alp Arslan Episode 15, Anyone is free to believe whatever they wish. I want to speak with Alparslan and get his perspective on what’s going on. What happened to the occupants of the residence? Where did you get it from? To a house close to the abandoned vineyard. Allow them to be swiftly kidnapped and brought to the palace. My Sultan, you are most welcome. Sir, you made the request. Let’s retrieve the anguish you stole. You and our bodyguards will ambush and attack us on the way to the palace while I lead them there. You’ll slaughter all those horrible people with the Ghaznavid army by your side.

In Constantinople, the Qarmatians could make a lot of friends!

None of them will be able to face any Sultan alive. On the head, Supreme Natik. Are these Qarmatians Muslims today, Pastor Ranson? Both Muslims and non-Muslims. Pastor Ranson speaks in a language I understand. So, do the Seljuks and the Qarmatians belong to the same religion? Sir, the Karmatis are Turks, even if they claim to be Muslims, and they see them as heretics because Muslims have distorted their religion. Understood. Likewise, they are affected by the scourge of faith provided by our Lord Jesus Christ. In Constantinople, the Qarmatians could also make a lot of acquaintances.

He’ll take everyone to the palace.

I am confident because I can understand the difference much better when my eyes are open. Thank you, Father Ranson. You are free to leave. Then I’ll go to the doctor. So the Maymun scumbag died silently as well? This situation is becoming increasingly tumultuous. They try to stop me as I go closer to the source. Don’t worry; Emir Bozan has been assigned to you. He’ll whisk them all away to the palace. Bozan, Emir? What do I say, Sister, and what do you say?

We warned you, Akça girl, not to leave the band!

Alparslan It will if something happens to those people. There’s nothing left to forgive me for the crime I’ve been charged with. Please send me a soldier. I’ll track them down and bring them to the palace myself, wherever they are. The Sister is older. This location is excellent. Take cover as soon as possible. There will be no survivors. We warned you, Akça girl, not to leave the band. What would you do if you were alone in the woods after everything? I’d pick it from the seasonal grasses without getting too far away from the oba. Making an ointment That’s when I met my first skeptic. If Karaca Hatun had happened to be nearby, how would I have fared if he hadn’t called for assistance?

Episode 16   

With my eyes, I saw, and my ears, I heard!

Tells falsehoods. He was familiar with the Byzantine military. They appeared and spoke as though they were two lovers. Isn’t he already saying, sir, that my heart is whole? What are your thoughts, Karaca Hatun? I tell it like it is. Karaca, what would Akça Hatun do with a shroud? Wouldn’t you be embarrassed if you made such a defamatory statement? It’s not a smear campaign. Sir, please don’t do that. Don’t be fooled by it. With my eyes, I saw, and my ears, I heard. Karaca Hatun, I noticed it as well. Do you have any recollection of my presence? Then Erbaskan Bey, Suleyman Bey, beheld the entire globe. With his military dagger, Kuffar attempted to seize Akça. Your intellect will be clouded as well by this pregnancy, girl. You’re misinterpreting what you’re seeing. Sufficient.

I’ll also call Hasan Bey as a witness.

I’m not advising you to leave the camp right now, Akça Hatun. In Urdu, Alp Arslan Episode 15 Sir, I have a flaw. Please accept my apologies. I squandered your time and broke your heart. No one is going to make it out alive. Where did they spend the night? I hope the bail will be caught, and the truth will be revealed. Karaca, you continue to teach the truth. All witnessed the infidel’s attempt to capture Akça.

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