Alparslan buyuk selcuklu season 1

Alp Arslan Episode 16 in Urdu Subtitles

Alp Arslan Episode 16 in Urdu

In Urdu, Alp Arslan Episode 16 He’d like to meet Mr. Yinal. Sir, do you believe it’ll work? Like Alparslan, Brahim Yinal appears to be a tenacious individual. Sir, step-uncle, stubbornness runs in the family. Clear. He will fight until the very end. I’m confident you won’t take us up on our offer. Soldier morale will decrease, and mutiny will ensue. No one chooses death if life is presented as a choice. They will starve to death this time if they do not surrender. Sir, those headquarters will one day be ours. Nestor, we need to move quickly. The Emperor’s current General Dukas is Vaspurakan. I’m sure you’re thinking of appointing him as governor.

We’ve noticed that you’ve run out of supplies!

What does the Emperor think when Nestor considers all of this? Nestor, it’s not hard to figure out what you’re going to do. That’s why, before the letter arrived, and he gave it over to the headquarters. Without a single soldier being lost. This headquarters, as well as Vaspurakan and its environs, are under siege. We understand you’re running low on supplies and water. If you hand over the headquarters, you and your warriors will be permitted to leave Vaspurakan together.

How might this siege be beneficial to us?

Tell Diogenes that he is welcome to do so if he wants to take over the headquarters. The door is now open. Yinal Bey, the honorable governor, has a message for your men. Surrenderers will be spared and permitted to leave. My Lord, the objective of kuffar is to promote division in our togetherness. Sir, they’re from the ant swarm. How can we benefit from this siege when we are hungry and thirsty? No one knows how long we’ve been here. This does not imply an embassy; instead, it means sedition. Sir, do not be alarmed because he is an ambassador. This snake’s head is kosher.

Episode 17   

Those who claim Yinal Bey dreams, I always steal their dreams!

They will inherit the headquarters if we die. Let’s hand up control of the commands to them; we’ve got plenty of lives. Alternatively, you can battle and perish. With this sword, I conquered Nishapur. I destroyed Rey, the Seljuk Empire’s capital, with this sword. Those who think Yinal Bey dreams have always had their goals stolen by me. In Urdu, Alp Arslan Episode 16 Praise be to my Lord, who has bestowed these upon me. If this is my sword that took the capital, and this is a handful of headquarters, then let it fall to the ground. I’m not willing to take a chance for a Ynal a thousand Ynal sacrifices, not a smattering of Turkish territory. However, if we fight outside the headquarters, we will fall into the trap.

They slaughtered it and buried it alongside the Karmati bodies!

Is there anyone else interested in joining us? It’s pouring outside—place containers at strategic locations. Let’s not squander our time. Do not be terrified; we have been entrusted with your life. Do you recognize any of these people that have passed away? All of them are familiar to me. They slaughtered it and joined it to the Karmati corpses, according to Alp Arslan Episode 16 in Urdu. However, Hip arrived with the bust soldier. The situation demonstrates that the stacked Karmati curses are inside the bust soldier. Which soldiers were present when I and my alps were hauled out of the house yesterday, Bozan?

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