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Alp Arslan Episode 18 in Urdu Subtitles

Alp Arslan Episode 18 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 18 in Urdu Subtitles, But now I’m sure it’s about more than teamwork. What are you sure of? Emir Bozan’s aide-de-camp, my Sultan Meymun, was placed before us. We will not keep the news from our great Sultan. We also know that our Sultan’s justice was based solely on evidence. So, Alparslan, what do you believe is the best course of action for us now? Please accept my Sultan’s apology. Alem-i is your political style. We understand how important it is to bring all of Islam together under one flag. Particularly given your sensitivity to getting along with the Ghaznavids.

The lives of everyone, even the Ghaznavids, are in jeopardy.

However, the Sultan of Gazne Mawdud, my sister’s husband and our brother-in-law, finds it difficult to preside over his state, which has weakened due to his health. Our great Sultan, of course, sees and understands these things better than we do. Altuncan Hatun, my viziers. You heard Alparslan’s words. What are your expectations for the future? First and foremost, this rogue named Meymun is right here with us if they handed it to us. Is it Byzantine who gave it to us? Alternatively, My Sultan, perhaps. They are, however, more likely to know about Meymuna because he appears to be a formidable opponent. But, dear sister, act immediately. The lives of everyone, even the Ghaznavids, are in jeopardy.

Ynal Tekfur is entirely unaware that he has been murdered!

Now that I can see the strained expression on his face, it’s time for him to view me like previously. Diogenes, I hope you take the headquarters you mentioned you were close to. Mr. Tekfur, without a doubt. Captain, how’s the siege going? At most, they’ll endure a few more days. I have complete control over everything. Is Yigal under your command as well? As far as I can tell, your ambassador, Ynal Tekfur, is unaware that he was assassinated. If I’m not mistaken, only one person said you wouldn’t even die. So, what exactly do you want to say? Mr. Tekfur appears to be the only one unaware of this humiliating episode. We’re not fooling around here, General.

Episode 19   

It doesn’t matter if it’s me or someone else.

This is something for which we may all die. Diogenes was correct. Besides, the majestic Roman flying of the flag is far more essential to me than that Seljuk rag in the headquarters. It should be the same for you. Sir, neither the remedy nor the patience to wait is available to the soldier. Let’s get started on the breakthrough operation preparations if you don’t mind. Splitting is a last-ditch effort. Kutay. In Urdu, Alp Arslan Episode 18 As I already stated, this entails releasing the headquarters to redemption. He’ll have to come up with a different solution. I was hoping you could give me your life on the road to your nation; you must bring a soldier who would exhibit it without hesitation for the sake of the martyrs.

The HQ is being attacked!

My Master is in charge of the command. The HQ is being held, hostage. Sir, His Holiness Tekfur has given me orders to summon you. In Urdu, Alp Arslan Episode 18 Let’s get started. “Earth on Earth, Star in the Sky” is a phrase that means “Earth on Earth, Star in the Sky.” “Is there a human being who hasn’t had a heartbreak?”

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