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Alp Arslan Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles

Alp Arslan Episode 19 in Urdu

In Alp Arslan Episode 19 in Urdu, Aknay sister, is there any gesture? Hassan, brother. “To your way, my lovely sacrifice, my beloved sacrifice” “The birdwing weighs more than I do.” “I’m half deaf,” “I’m half deaf,” “I’m half deaf” How long have I sensed that old loneliness in your eyes? You don’t have anyone. “Father, take my crane and summon the half.” “Oh my, if he comes, his throne is ready.” “Oh, my goodness, my goodness,” says the speaker. “My precious sacrifice, my dear sacrifice to your road,” Sir. Mr. Hasan, you went completely unnoticed by me. My lovely daughter, you’ve taken me so far back in time. My late lady’s voice, like yours, was beautiful. He would regularly sing in this manner while working.

I was confident you’d be dizzy in no time!

Is there anything you’d like to say or a wish you’d like to make, Sir? You carried me far away, my darling girl, as I was seeking for you to see whether you had gone away again. What do I wish for? Is there any new information about Alparslan Bey? Don’t be concerned, my lovely lady. If there were terrible news, it would be delivered swiftly. Keep the door open. I hope you enjoy your stay. Thank you very much. I was confident you’d be dizzy in no time. Thank you very much, Sir. You’re more than welcome, son. Mother, please accept my greetings. It’s true; my father is true. Greetings, Sir. Thank you very much, sister—for my younger brother. Allow our Tez Alparslan Bey and his alps to be seated at the table.

I do not doubt that we are in Gazni!

Mr. Alparslan, thank you for coming. Let’s see what happens, braves. What happened, please? Thank you very much. Look, he’s playing with the cheetah, and then he walks up to Alparslan Bey and cracks a joke. Take advantage of the night’s wind. This should be taken to Alparslan by train. Sir, if my salvation is one side of the question, the peril that Ghazni faces is the other. The Bust, you’d assume, would be Karma’s home. I am confident that the offender of those who came is Bozan and that we are in Gaza. As an order, it is still the most dangerous in Ghazni. Is this Emir Bozan we’re talking about, Alparslan? How much longer will this obstinacy last? Süleyman, don’t you see the truth?

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We won’t be able to persuade Sultan Turul to accept Bozan’s betrayal!

Every stone we throw, every trace we locate, all belong to Bozan, so make a racket or lead us to them. All of these rights to coincidence are denied. I realize we don’t have enough evidence to convict Bozan. We won’t be able to persuade Sultan Turul to accept Bozan’s betrayal unless we have proof. How will we uncover Bozan’s wicked goals, son, if there is no doubt in your mind? By giving Bozan the impression that he is being pursued. As a result, Bozan will make his final and most important move. Sir, you mention what is correct. The jackal only tries to claw at the wolf when cornered. This accursed will not manifest itself if he does not feel that way.

We shall not cross into anyone’s territory!

So, Mr. Batur, we will make the right move for the jackal to have that guts. So, son, what’s on your mind? Sir, first and foremost, Merv and Bust must grab the ruler’s territories. As a result, no bird can fly without spotting the Bust. As well as the swamp itself. In Urdu, Alp Arslan Episode 19, My Sultan brother will not see a trip to the regions of Ghazni as fitting. Will her lady Begin to treat the governor of Bust and even the Ghazni Sultan Mevdud as she considers proper, Sir? We will not set foot on anyone’s property. However, this does not imply that we should pass on our land to these wretched people.

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