Alparslan buyuk selcuklu season 1

Alp Arslan Episode 20 in Urdu Subtitles

Alp Arslan Episode 20 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 20 in Urdu Subtitles Or these monsters who have taken residence in the Land of the Bust. Let’s not allow them to conduct business on the Seljuk land. With Batur Bey’s intervention, Emir is now in a better position. In front of everyone, we’ll slam Bozan’s trick in his face. He’ll recognize he’s in trouble when he realizes he’s been surrounded. And its might will go to great lengths to defend it. If a bird passes through the Informal Bust’s lands, I’ll know which branch it falls on. My Sultan, your order has been completed. What happened to the deal you made with Romanian Diogenes? Is there any progress? What kind of trade is this without my authorization, Sultan? Because you asked, we put the talks on hold.

This will further complicate the trade problem!

What kind of business is this? Since Roman Diogenes visited twice, it must have been a lucrative enterprise. My Sultan, this is far more reasonable steel commerce than what we got from Damascus. The best steel for making Pusat is Damascus steel. As a result, do whatever is required. My Sultan, you are most welcome. Then I’m giving the order for the shipping with an appropriate amount of gold from the Treasury. Emir Bozan, you bear sole responsibility. It is known to whom the proceeds will be distributed. Doesn’t the son have to do something if you’re confident enough to declare you know?

I am entirely aware of whose name I bear!

My Bey, I am the primary sufferer of your task. The spoiler will make a mistake when he becomes stranded. That blunder will betray his genuine identity while allowing us to gain access to the bust. When you went out with your alps, Batur Bey, It’s a difficult situation to deal with. This route may lead to martyrdom. Are you familiar with Hussein? Sir, I am aware of your case. I, like every other Oghuz soldier, look forward to that day. In addition, my name is Hüseyin. I am entirely aware of whose name I bear. Everything that stands in the way of God is in my mind. According to legend, a home cannot be left for oil while life is still living.

Episode 21   

Where did you get the idea to assassinate Süleyman?

Your mission now is to be martyred for the sake of this mission. Strive, my courageous, and may your way be plain. My horse has a sense of where he will grow up. Take your wings and fly back to your childhood home. Best wishes. Allow Alparslan to visit once. I have a question for you. Suleiman, you did an excellent job. Alpaugh. How? I almost killed more people in Alp Arslan Episode 20 in Urdu. Why would you keep anything like this from me? Is there something I’m supposed to keep quiet about? Where did you get the idea to assassinate Süleyman? What happened right from the start? Quick, quick, rapid, quick, quick, quick, quick, quick, swift, quick, Quickly. Quickly take a defensive stance. Maintain the line! Make sure he doesn’t get away! Suleyman, even my alps, are unaware of this.

Karaca isn’t going to let Akça Hatun go!

My father is the only one who knows. It is preferable not to speak out for the reasons I have stated. As a result, Karaca took Aknay by her mother’s hand and led her there. What if he noticed? As a result, Akça Hatun must use greater caution. Akça Hatun keeps getting himself into problems. He freaked out when he stated he couldn’t catch Alpagut anyway. I couldn’t say anything because I was pregnant. Did you say you were expecting a child? Is Süleyman, the nephew, on his way? My brother will become a father as a result of this.

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