Barbarossa Episode 14 Bolum 14 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 14 Bolum 14 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 14 Bolum 14 In Urdu Subtitles Do not overextend yourself. Go out and acquire mines based on your desires and conduct raids. Osman Bey, what are your goals? You’re also questioning my country’s freedom. How do you know the ambushes you’ll set up from the mines won’t be directed towards the Seljuks? I respect your viewpoint, but please don’t overstep it. It is Sultan Mesut’s order, which I will never betray. Because of the deals, you conducted without permission, the Kay tribe’s tax has been quadrupled. The time has come for the state to take action. Allow me to set up a room in Söüt for you. In addition,

This is where I will be staying. It will be done as you say. I’d want Turkmen gentlemen to stay at the inn, One. During our conversation, Our braves had already arrived in Negöl. They’ll take a peek around the streets and collect data. Bolum 14 in Urdu subtitles for Barbarossa Episode 13. However, they are not accompanied by a Pusat. As a result, Hera Hatun’s car will be used to open the front door. In the car, there will be pacifiers. You’ll deliver the pusats to the alps once you’ve entered the city. Everything else is up to us and our wrists. We’ll kidnap their Boran brother. May the blessings of God be upon our Gaza. Sir, it’s all up to you. Lets. Byzantium’s sons,

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This is Turkish Osman’s most devoted Alpi. Alp of Boran

So, how did Osman, our arch-enemy, treat us? He had taken our village. Ours was taken. He killed our folks because it wasn’t enough. As a result, he put you to death. It’s going to keep killing people. Correct. When Osman was slaughtering you and capturing our village and mine, where was Boran Alp? In Urdu Subtitles With Osman, Barbarossa Episode 13 Bolum 14 Hallelujah What’s next, then? Food for wolves, birds, and insects, for instance, will be available. Then Osman’s turn will come. Do whatever you’d like right here. My God, My God, My God, My If they were to chop me up into a thousand pieces right now, I’d be fine.

I’m not going to kneel in front of them.

The Prophet refused to submit to polytheist persecution. I’m not going to bow down, and I’m not going to bow down; I’m not going to bow down. Make it worse with the fury of our master if I am a martyr here today. Allah is greater than Allah is greater. What happens to martyrs? They are taken to a better place. The alps are now all in heaven, Gonca Hatun. Kaya’s courageous alps. What exactly are your responsibilities? Auburn Abdal, we consider our martyrs. You’re right. Is it true that all of our martyrs end up at the same spot? Do not call those who die in Allah’s path dead because they are living, according to the Qur’an.

You aren’t aware of it, he claims. Isn’t it true that martyrs never die?

Now, sons, we’ll travel to Badr. There, have a look. On a raft, as it is. In his heart, there is no fear. Enemies shudder with his every stride. Volume 13 in Urdu subtitles for Barbarossa Episode 13. Look, Its overwhelming effect on those who are in its path. Gee, Every polytheist who has fallen to the earth has a sword mark on their body. Who is this mysterious individual? What are your thoughts on the subject? Hamza, Allah’s lion and master of martyrs, Badr’s pain is something that the polytheists desire to alleviate. Hind, Utba’s daughter, enlists the help of her black slave to avenge the deaths of her father and uncle.

He launched the spear into the air. I threw My Hamza has fallen.

Blood is flowing from Uhud’s eyes. However, we exist and will continue to hoist the Kayi banner. Your God’s sacrifices Offer your God a sacrifice. Stop What was your motivation for visiting? Why are you here, I’m asking? Do you have noisy deafness? My wife and I traveled from Nikaya to shop. We’ll say, “Get out of the automobile.” Investigate the automobile. What exactly is this folly? Are you looking for Governor Sagaros’ daughter’s car?

You’ve got to be kidding. Please accept my apologies for our rudeness.

Allow access You’ll pay a steep price if you don’t. Soldiers, the gates must be opened. Lets. Allow the Alps to Pusat, Gencebey. Lets. I went to Söüt to take a look around. Its building is impressive, but you, Osman Bey, are the son’s light. I was expecting you to live in much more opulent surroundings. I’m sorry to report that Söüt did not meet my expectations. There are numerous flaws with it. Of course, the environment in which people live has flaws, but the ideal individual perceives everything in its entirety. The sentence perceives nothing but inconsistency in the world because of what is missing.

Bolum 14 in Urdu subtitles for Barbarossa Episode 14

Seeing, on the other hand, isn’t sufficient. According to the state, everything in Söüt, which is missing in our absence, should be complete. Allow your breath to serve as a beacon for us in this regard. We enjoy what he enjoys and avoid what he dislikes. Allow me to make a request. We’ll meet each other again, in any case. If the circumstances allow, we’ll see you. You, however, were present. We’ll go at this time as well. From Konya, we also extend our greetings. Alem Shah, Vizier That’s correct, right? I’d appreciate that a lot. So, what brings you to Konya in the first place? We’ve come to see the familiar face. I’m going to show up. When you’re ready, I’ll see you.

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