Barbarossa Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 19 In Urdu Subtitles

Episode 19 of Barbarossa with Urdu Subtitles Let’s get going. Follow the automobile that emerges. Mother! Is it satisfactory? I’ll have both hands on your collar if something happens to my mum. Gündüz, take a careful look at the predicament you created. What was your experience like? Who did this, by the way? Who is willing to collaborate? You may also inquire. He has done it for anyone our death will benefit. Julia. You’re with Nikola and his dog. But Nikola isn’t the only one. Gündüz Bey, you know who we are a barrier to. Vizier Alemşah dispatched that hound to pursue us. Aren’t you fed up with Alemşah telling you everything that happens to you?

Gunduz Bey, you know better.

The vizier’s and Nikola’s objectives are the same. Mother. I’m not going to put it in the same category as those who do it. Did you think of my mum at this point? You snatched me from my obedient state. Mother… Episode 19 of Barbarossa with Urdu Subtitles: Who exactly are you? Kay is in our palm. Gündüz, their new gentleman, is not going to break my word. Beautiful. Osman attempted to assassinate the Sultan, and now he will be laid to rest in treacherous Konya.

Episode 20   

The Sultan is said to be in poor health.

What if he perishes? Alemşah, we weep. His younger son ascends to the throne. The child cannot break our word. Our strategies operate well in both the east and west. Gündüz will reclaim Harmankaya from Nikola. Iznik and the neighboring regions will be ours after this initial move. I’ll build a massive Greek-Turkish-Mongolian army with the power I gained there! I intend to depose Mongol monarch Argun Khan with this army. I’ll take a seat. You will take your place on the throne. Even if they don’t call me Sultan, I’ll be Ali Seljuk’s ruler. Osman is doomed. Osman Bey, what have you been up to?

What have you been up to lately? In the end, Kosses Finally. Osman!

Episode 18 of Barbarossa with Urdu Subtitles So, where are you going? So you’ve decided to phone me. You were among those who rained down like snow on Ali Selçulu. Your fate will be similar to that of your nökers. I’m about to collapse on you, Osman, like a landslide! Come on, now. Osman, please come. You’ve already beaten Selman. You got out just as he was about to be killed in the chamber. The dagger is yours to keep. You and Oban will be known as traitors when Osman dies! Of course, Allah informs the servant of all that He is aware of! Osman Bey, may you live long and prosper!

The whirlpool on our brow spreads from tongue to tongue!

The statement is well known around the world. Osman. You shouldn’t be concerned! Brother! Oh, my brother, my brother, my brother, my brother, my brother, my brother, my brother, my brother, my The valiant’s bone will melt, but his name will live on; you battled valiantly, brother. May you rest in peace as you approach our Lord. My sibling. Episode 19 of Barbarossa with Urdu Subtitles I go to my Lord’s presence with the satisfaction of dying on the right path. Eşhedü en la, eşhedü en la, eşhedü Thank you, Allahu Akbar! My time has passed, but yours is not far behind. Gee! God! Mashallah! Argh, Color! You screamed and terrified the oppressor. Mashallah, you slashed it like a hunter! They call it the lion hunter, and the fact that he named you Osman was enough for me.

Thank you, but today it was the dog, not the lion, who was your share.

Attendance is required. If you get into problems in Konya, I’ll be right there with you. Allow it to be! – Osman Bey, you, too. Mashallah. Are you the child that seems to be the apple of Halime’s eye? Have you ever wondered what your mother would say if she found out that you were abandoning your brother? Don’t focus on the main. Let’s be honest, and I didn’t abandon my brother. You know, I’ve always admired you. Halime Hatun has raised a good boy.

Episode 19 of Barbarossa with Urdu Subtitles

My most significant source of irritation is my liver. I’m back in the company of my brother. Here’s the place to ask… Which side do you belong to? Are you aware that there is a story? They grabbed a man and thrashed him. They’d slam their fists into the man’s chest, and he’d scream for my back. Finally, they halted and shouted, “Man, we’re going to beat your chest; why are you crying for my back?” Do you understand what he said? He claimed that you wouldn’t be able to hit my chest if my back and back were solid. Brother has returned after a long absence. Set up on the pillar. Lets. Bless your mum, to be sure. I don’t want to see you, so let’s get out of here.

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