Barbarossa Episode 20 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 20 In Urdu Subtitles

Subtitles for Barbarossa Episode 20 in Urdu Goodbye, young lady. The polytheists’ most ferocious trackers approached the cave’s entrance. There was not a single ounce of fear in our Prophet’s heart. Because Allah Almighty stated in the passage, He brought down to him that the truth is the best of those who cause havoc. We believe Allah is the best of evildoers. And he is constantly accompanied by his servants. There is no end to oppressors or oppression in this world. Every oppressor’s trap will be broken if a believer takes msueares and trusts his Lord. Barbarossa Episode 20 In Urdu Subtitles Full HD

Malhun. Osman. Thank you very much. You’re fine.

I’m all right. I’m all right. You’re in good shape. I’m fine, you’re okay, and nothing terrible will happen to me. What is it, exactly? There’s a wound here. It makes no difference, Osman. malhun. You must climb. I’ll take care of things, and you can relax. You must climb. Hold your horses, please. Take it slowly. Don’t overwork yourself. Bismillahirahmanirahim. My woman, you are bold. Come on, now. Osman. Nothing will be able to break me as long as you remain by my side. That’s how it goes. You are constantly like a mountain behind me. Osman, I’m not weary for a second. For once, I will not be annihilated.

We’ll get out of here as well, with the help of my Lord.

Subtitles for Barbarossa Episode 20 in Urdu Osman, I’m hoping for the best. I haven’t gone a day without considering murdering them. For this, I trained the angels of death. Every single one of them was bred to kill. Julia, I’m aware. You and your army are both outstanding warriors. Your revenge, on the other hand, is your most potent weapon. My ancestors perished so that the Turks would not be able to invade these areas.

Episode 21   

I’ll finish the job they started but didn’t finish.

I’m going to exterminate them from this land. I’ll be your target. This employment couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Julia, you’ll get your vengeance soon enough. Oh, my goodness. (From all of my difficulties, I seek refuge in you.) Subtitles for Barbarossa Episode 19 in Urdu (O Lord! ) (For the sake of your prophets and saints, assist us.) (Please help us locate my alps safely.) (Make us officers in retaliation for our martyrs who Keferen slaughtered.)

We have no other option.

(Please don’t leave me empty-handed, my Lord.) Amine. Turks! I’ll bring it to a close for you. I’m using my hands! You separated me from my family. And I’m not going to die without robbing you of everything you have. Turks, you will die! You will all perish. My poison will be the cause. Osman Bey stated that he would take the Turkmens’ remaining property and compensate them for their losses. I’m hoping the first shipment arrives today. This sentence, Osman Bey, offers Turkmen hope. They might seek to use Osman’s absence to their advantage. There isn’t a single one of them who is our adversary.

Take care, Gunduz. It would be best if you were not concerned, Mother.

The Alps are awe-inspiring. We’ve also arrived. You maintain your heart in a good place. Nobody will survive. You’re aware that I work for Rogatos. You’ll live because you’ll be helpful to us. Rogatos and Koses are waiting for you, so hurry! Lets! Yes, yes! Slowly, slowly, they planned an ambush for us despite all of our efforts. There is a traitor in our midst. So, sir, let’s get back to the camp as soon as possible. No, the tribe has numerous trustees. We’re going to Iznik. However, first and foremost, it is required to locate the alps safely. Sir, are you in this state? You’ve gotten up, but you’re not feeling great. I’m not going to that camp without anything. People want me to bring them the good news.

Subtitles for Barbarossa Episode 20 in Urdu

The forest is quite large. Malhun, we’ll track it down. We’re going to find it. Cankutay. Yet must have had an idea. Lets. What were you up to, bro? Did you come across any traces? If we can’t find our master, he’ll find us. Lets. My wacko sibling. Rogatos, you’ve done a fantastic job. Your carpenters did a fantastic job. All that’s left now is to seize those trading cars and penetrate the Kayi tribe. It was your lovely angel’s job. Do you believe they were successful? It would be best if you hadn’t had any doubts after yesterday’s performance, Koses. Rogatos, they should’ve come by now.

They’re about to arrive. Are you sure it’s Rogatos?

Turkmens, aren’t they? Tekfurs! We’re all set to walk into the chamber. What about a poisonous substance? It’s ready, just as you requested. Every Turk I meet will perish. As far as I can tell, you’ve finished your planning. Indeed, he’ll join you at the restaurant. Then it’s only a matter of collapsing into Osman’s infatuation like a nightmare. Mr. Turgut, thank you for your time. What exactly are you doing here, Mari? I’m here at my brother’s request, the ultimate Koses.

What did your brother have in mind? Subtitles for Barbarossa Episode 20 in Urdu Did he send you since he couldn’t come? Is he so scared of us? Turgut Bey, Nhai Koses is not frightened of anyone. As for why I’ve come… Is everything all right with you, Osman? I’m in good shape. I’m in good shape. The Alps. The Alps.

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