Barbarossa Episode 28 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 28 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 28 With Urdu Subtitles, I’d like to do business with you, and you can handle it. But it’s not me; it’s Bilge Hatun, and dealing with him isn’t pleasant. I don’t just want the items; I also want you, these beasts, and these men to pass; in any case, I’ll give it to him, and we’ll take these commodities together. Merchant, I’ll offer you a maple and ask you to relocate me to Karaca. This will be the evening, and Tracer, it will also be yours, with many bloodsheds. But, Uluköy Hatun, that particular karakaçak village, will plummet right into our planet. It’s stained with blood. Barbarossa Episode 28 In Urdu Subtitles Full HD

Osman’s Tana has many rebels with blood on their heads.

Unlike Osmanbey, being close to the department has always made me feel like you are living; death is always on our necks, and this is the last of this Castle’s occupants. Have you been missing this Castle as much as you’ve been missing my posts? Thank you for your assistance, we have concluded the adventure that will not occur this year, and we are lying to the blood. We know if it is up to, time will show it, well, what is it in the daytime, Onedio, don’t stay, this is a gift. I will visit you in the Castle, you can ask yourself with that girl, I am grateful for everything, I am Osman if you want to feel alive, but always come and pull on your shoulder With Urdu Subtitles, Barbarossa Episode 28

We stated that they would purchase your yacht from your home and that no one would die on purpose.

The preliminary sentence is death. He even attempted to assassinate Osman Sultan. A traitor will assassinate him and everyone with him. When is it appropriate to criticize the Master’s judgment? You reveal that you are I when you open your mouth. Is it necessary for me to make a call to everyone? Bravalla, Elif, Let’s go ahead and take it out without you. Osman may be punished for this in another hearth, but you have it, talk to me. I’m hungry, I’ll guard you, and I’ll give you my life. If the lord doesn’t know anything but what to provide in the morning and says, “There is a traitor in the hills,” I’ll give you my phone number. However, their doubts will grow, and Xeribe, I assume you’ll say your goodbyes first. We’ll pick sides, and you’ll see what we mean. With Urdu Subtitles, Barbarossa Episode 28

Episode 29   

These days, he showed me,

No man has knitted a man, and you did not let me survive, he will emerge from the pitch-black highways, he illuminated your route title mashallah ya an an an an a Is there a word that describes the light on your window? Stop Wait, don’t get too enthusiastic, girl. It’s simple to say Kutay and Kutay’s Kutay’s Kutay’s Kutay’s Kutay’s My kid, Kutay be what you have. What are you planning to do to me? Honey is required for the tongue’s health. Either I require Elif, or it is very necessary. That’s why I brought a few with me. What exactly did you do? Mashallah to my niece, oho ay. It’s not a weird dessert, it’s not a crazy dessert, yuh bro, tell me a little about it, and he wants it in his head, With Urdu Subtitles, Barbarossa Episode 28

Cingizi, liver kutay, is his father.

A101 Both lambs are worth ten gold coins. I d that cingiz son cel Kutay Dündar daughter Aygulu River accepted to your wedding in exchange for her death. Now I have done it, and I d that cingiz son cel Kutay Dündar daughter Aygulu River Have you agreed to this wedding? Did you Team 1 this [Music zik], or did you Team 2? Have you ever been a poet yourself? May Allah bless you and your wife. Ahmet o Amin o Amin o Amin o Amin o Amin Yes, Fatiha, let’s see these horses, and you’ll shoot this photo of you with your hair in your face. God bless the happy one, Batu Batu Batu o God o God o God o God o God o God o God o I’m delighted you were born since you were born with a lot of hair. It’s quite painful.

With Urdu Subtitles, Barbarossa Episode 27

We’ll take care of each one individually. Hello, my name is Osman. Thank you for coming. I’m looking forward to seeing you. What happened to it? How does it function? But I’m hoping you have a good reason, Osmanbey, and he will make things right for you. He also reported from all over, and it was for this reason that I began my hunt. Do you contain a traitor? Who is he who is the traitor at this moment when his degenerate son is degenerate? But how can we say no when he is one of our commanders? With Urdu Subtitles, Barbarossa Episode 28

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