Barbarossa Episode 29 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 29 In Urdu Subtitles by Makkitvs

Barbarossa Episode 29 In Urdu Subtitles Even, I won’t be able to save you if Aygül sees you. I’m hoping you’ve also abandoned me. He also gives me a slice of bread. Isn’t it true that you’re starving? Your folks aren’t around. When I told you not to eat, did you swallow your tongue, crazy boy, when I told you not to eat? Halal, halal, halal halal halal halal halal halal halal halal So, go ahead and say anything. Come on, and it’ll be here before you know it. The basmati comes first. – Bismillah. That’s great! No way, we’re going to eat this, this, and this. The cavalry is approaching. The cavalry is on their way. Greetings, inshallah! With our right hand, we’ll sink our spoon and eat. Mashallah, we’re going to eat with this hand! My brave coach, Mashallah!

This brave tent caught Aygül Hatun off guard.

He wanted to talk to us, but he laughed instead. What exactly is it that you’re crying about, you crazy girl? None. Mother! Cerkutay is the name of one of my Kayis. Apricot? What’s up, Kayi? Kayi the baby, Kayi the baby, Kayi the baby, Kayi the baby, Kayi the Hello, my brave! Mashallah! Kayi, you’ve grown up a lot. Kay, thank you for joining us. Kay, thank you for joining us. Kosses, Michael. Nikola, aya! – Greetings, dear pal. It’s been a long time, and a lot has happened. It happened, Nikola, and I’m sorry our meeting was on a thorny topic. Nikola, what were you saying? – Osman is a name that comes to me when I think about the word. Perhaps this would not have happened if Mateus, the Tekfur of this, had aided us when we were fighting Osman.

So, what can we do for you, my friend?

Osman dispatched one of his men to the gallows. He is putting pressure on me to make a decision. You resemble a sailing ship with the wind at your back. Osman, I’m going to be the rock you hit. It would be best if you rallied behind me for me to take on Osman. Immediately. I’ll send a contingent of my most illustrious troops to your command. Nikola, it appears that Osman will not stop. If we don’t band together now, there’s a chance that no wall will ever be able to stop him. Osman will defy the deal and lead the charge to Inhisar. After that, it’s on to negöl. We’ll be visiting your castle tomorrow with Nikola, and Turgut will be there as well. Is Turgut the name of the character? Kosses, I’m not going to let a Turk into my pen.

Turks are like that, we can assure you. That is exactly what we shall do.

It’ll be put to good use. Allow for it. However, you are both responsible. Tomorrow, I’ll see you. Thank you for being so kind. – Mateus Tekfur, Tekfur Tekfur Tekfur Tekfur Mate Kosses, it’s all for vengeance, huh? For vengeance, you’re looking for fresh allies. So, what are we to do now? Retribution is akin to this. The revenge that turned me into an Osman friend to kill you rises to kill Osman and befriends Turgut. What’s up, girl? With Urdu Subtitles Barbarossa Episode 29, He was poisoned, and his mother was also poisoned! Zehra. Zehra? It’s my kid! Sticker! Let’s get this over with, Bismillah! Girl, get rid of the stickers! Let’s get this party started, girl. That’s not the case. Greetings, journeyman! Is there a road somewhere? It’s a red apple, that’s what it is. Master, have you witnessed Kosses’ joy?

Episode 30   

What a thrill it is to provide troops to fight Osman!

Nikola, you are not going to Kosses’ party. So, why is this happening? You resemble a leaf in the breeze. You fall into the flow right away. Up until yesterday, Kosses was with Osman. My trust isn’t something that can be won quickly or easily. Master, do as you wish. Remember, if the Turk isn’t in difficulty, the Turk will be. We’ve come to cause them some inconvenience. Yes, lord, what is our next course of action? Barkin. The tribes’ leader should be Barkn. I’ll then leave Osman gasping for air. I’m not going to make him fantasize about conquering other people. Nicholas requested soldiers for Yenişehir in his letter to the Emperor. He mentions Sultan Mesut’s warriors. He’s looking for a way to strike a good balance. Another?

With Urdu Subtitles, Barbarossa Episode 29

Oil is a major component. Bastard! This will be used to help Nikola. Negöl’s power will be broken if his source is cut off. Describe Bursa to me. You wanted Bursa to be your state’s capital. It takes years to stop the supply line, which is extremely difficult to break through the fortifications. It gets its food from a lot of different places. He’s worth a hundred or a thousand willows. We want it for that reason. It will undoubtedly become our permanent residence. He does, however, have some time on his hands. We’ll have cut off all aid from the east after we capture Inhisar. All that is left is to exercise extreme caution while dealing with folks from the West.

If your cousin Emperor Andro Nikos learns of the issue, he will take action.

Emperor Andro Nikos, my cousin, has heard of the important information you’ve sent us. We understand that winning Artalos negöl is insufficient to reclaim his. Who, though, will take Rogatus’ place? Who do you believe will support the new takfir in Bilecik? Turgut Bey, I’ll email it to Osman with a compass as it’s confirmed. You’ll be the one to deliver the data. And I’ll swarm the Alps with warriors. Kosses and Turgut Bey shall accompany me. Evvel Inhisar is a character who appears in the game Evvel Inhisar Bursa, Inegol, Bilecik, and Iznik. Growing up is inevitable. Ideals are going to thrive. This nation, linked to a world cause and a dream system, will have its time. He intends to take Constantinople and make it his home.

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