Barbarossa Episode 30 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 30 In Urdu Subtitles by Makkitvs

Barbarossa Episode 30 With Urdu Subtitles What if this black mark on our forehead kills us? What will become of our Aktemur then? I wish I had another chance to see my son. Day, if I had seen it. My name is Ayşe. My Lord, to whom I am a sacrifice, is with those who persevere rather than give up. We shall persevere. We shall persevere. Erdogdu. Erdogdu. In this world, we all know that none of us is everlasting. My Osman, it hurts a lot. My Bala, everything is for us. Allah has made everything bleak for us.

However, you must be ready for anything.

We’ll keep hoping for a miracle. We shall continue and demonstrate our perseverance. You are a brave woman who will persevere and be patient. Kosses, a snake plagued söüt. It leaves no trace and does not cause you to feel your breath. However, it spreads its black venom all over the place. After this, Vizier died, and Geyhatu left; everything happened. Do you think the Sultan is involved in this?

Gündüz, of course, comes to mind as well.

With Urdu Subtitles, Barbarossa Episode 30 The events that were supposed to be witnessed by the entire court took place. There’s also the fact that he did business with that nefarious Vizier in the past. It indicates that Gunduz Bey is skilled in these areas. That is correct. Samuel, you’ve slumped once more. You came bearing awful news. The gentleman was able to flee the next day. What exactly do you mean by escaped? – What exactly did you say? Osman Bey, oh, oh, oh, oh, This is what happens if justice is not served promptly. Gunduz suffocated Han and drank the oppressed’s blood. He was ruthless and would not stop after performing these things. I waited and waited for Kisses to be fairly judged.

With Urdu Subtitles, Barbarossa Episode 30

He, on the other hand, elected to flee. Oh, my goodness! Even if you flee to the other side of the globe, your death will come to my hands. Don’t worry, and we’ll track it down. Samuel, make a note of everything. I will drown whoever delivers him to me, dead or alive, with gold. Now is the time to leave. – Sir, please proceed to that location. Osman Bey, oh, oh, oh, oh, the Alps. Our martyrs were buried. Those scumbags attacked in a manner befitting their status. Their goal is to make us bow our heads! But we’re not going to make them happy! Where has it been shown that the one we meet lives for a long time? They keep their daggers hidden. They sneak up on you and attack from the shadows. From the passage they entered, we will illuminate them with the light of trust in our chest.

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With the cloud of justice, we shall put a stop to them! “Allah is Great!” exclaims the narrator.

Please, don’t make me laugh. Osman Bey, your heart is bigger than anything I’ve heard. From what I’ve heard, your trust is unshakeable. Like my father Erturul Gazi eye Edebali, we drank the water of two magnificent rivers. Be present. I would, however, go to Sheikh Edebali anytime I had a tight knot to untangle. However, it is now clawing at death. Osman Bey, death is Allah’s command. Who knows why he killed him now, Osman Bey! This is the real deal! Turgut, you have it correct. You keep speaking a word! Daytime! What about you, Kisses? Mari, to whom did I give her?

Mari has been handed to you for the sake of my tribe’s redemption.

You’re the one that went to Nikola and delivered! Mr Gunduz, be quiet! Don’t try to hide behind my blunders! Today is your last day! Only I, Kisses, have the last say! Sit with your decency for a while. When your turn comes to speak, you speak. Saltuk! — Mr Sir! Lets. With a single slander, you snatched Gündüz from Osman. In either case, Kisses Turgut will disband. What’s the last thing you’ve got? We stole what you had in your hands and what was on the inside. Outside help is on the way, Nikola. Umur died, according to what I’ve heard. Yes, Osman dug his own grave for Umur.

With Urdu Subtitles, Barbarossa Episode 30 Ivaz, on the other hand, I’m going to kill him on the way.

Osman will take action as a result of this. It will not repeat the same error. I’ll take Kisses, who broke away from Osman, with me while you kill him. No way! No, Osman could be planning something. We’ll proceed with caution, and you won’t contact him until you’re certain Kisses and Turgut have broken up.

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