Barbarossa Episode 31 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 31 In Urdu Subtitles by Makkitv

Barbarossa Episode 31 With Urdu Subtitles Why do you think it’s sable, yet your love has been missing for two years? I can see what they’ve done. I’ll look at it. There isn’t any music. But, come on, Abdullah, I’m hot, and then Osman’s son will show up. I long for his gaze, and he makes me wonder what type of brave you will be if you never grow up. Is there something else that happened? It’s OK, you’re fine, but what do you say if you come to our organ tomorrow, the birth has begun? Aygül, I have yet to be born Selcan, but we were surprised to have merely skin pain, which we don’t mind because my mother is fine.

Inshallah, God bless you and my brother Orhan.

I hope he will come to us. You will let us know downstairs, and I will go. Let’s see if your brother is a boy or a girl. This person receives money or something from Granny. Thank God he’s coming, and we did it for you. Come on, daughter, thank God, it happens to me. Because it’s so expensive, I’m hoping for very hot water. Come on, be with me o Hh school pray I’m bored, Eser Come on, you’ll keep it now if this Onur goes after Osman, not months later.

He believes he made the largest error,

but he still believes he has to expose the murderer to Osman, not the state. You’re looking for a piece of fabric. My brother’s betrayal has a price, and your betrayal has a price. I’ll bring his head to a museum if you make a mistake. What am I going to do? Which is amusing. Will I come out with paints, or will I live? Because I’ll sit, and you’ll have a channel, and the fact is that your wound will be wrapped, and this memory drink will come out, and that’s all. He turned around and walked away today, abandoning me to my past.

Episode 32   

Inshallah, it’s worth 100 liras, and we assumed it was for our injured brother.

With Urdu Subtitles, Barbarossa Episode 31 Yes, it is true like this, and there is speed around here, and they are closing in on each other like this, I’m Osman. My dear, you will be patient with me, my daughter will pass, of course, you will hold on now, try, try, Wait for 13 and inquire as to why the forces are preparing sherbet for the bat; he knows what to do, so hurry to the source. I waited, I waited, if Osman were here, I’d throw money to her because she had a daughter.

She’s slow. Do you have it? Yes, come on, calm down, bro, you can go.

This flag will not save you with Urdu Subtitles, Barbarossa Episode 31. These are, nevertheless, rebellious dogs. Nobody, not his mother, wife, or son, will ever be free if they have a love for’s. I understand, and I urge that you enjoy it; thank you. It [applause] Shut up, hu ha ha ha ha Thank you, brother, God bless you, there is an uncle, press pals, Ahmet Kaya salt, but obviously, there is a trap. Still, it will not stop us, a renowned person, we will be alive, we are certain, uncle, will I give it away when it is distant from us on our way?

Kaya’s latest news Wow, I’m out of pain with the key, stop it,

you think it’ll go away, huh here I am, this moving grandfather to me, this s sleep came early, there was still time, now the baby is in place, it seems like it won’t be easy, you were born, may Allah make it easier for the little girl, God willing, so that Bala Hatun doesn’t hear it, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, stop! The most important thing to you right now is your positive ideas. My name is Ms And not to like me, please bear with me, my daughter ey Zehra, she seems to be at ease with me.

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