Barbarossa Episode 32 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 32 In Urdu Subtitles by Makkitvs

Barbarossa Episode 32 With Urdu Subtitles, None of you will be spared! Come! Come! It’s my Mama! Hold your horses, my mum! It’s my Mama! Hold on, Mama! Honey! Now I’m going to murder you! Come! Come! Bala, now it’s your turn! What happened to these? Mama, don’t let go! Hold your horses! Mom, no, no! You’re laughing like a hyena who’s seen a lion… Sir, enough! Lions! Let’s get out of this mess; I know where the gate is. It originates from this location. Come on, my braves, Mashallah! Mom, thank you! With Urdu Subtitles, Barbarossa Episode 32 Malhun! Honey! Soldiers! We’ve started filming! What are your credentials? Recognize yourself! Clear!

barbarossa episode 31 in urdu subtitles historical series

I require your assistance. Shush! Shush! You’re the snake next to the snake! What did I need? – Julia. We must be able to prevent women from being attacked. Boran has a secret. When one of us is stranded, We track him down. Don’t be scared… One knows the secret. We also know that we shouldn’t say things like “don’t worry.” Let’s hurry to the camp; Gündüz Bey will organise a beylik party. – Lets. Lets! Lets! Other shelters are open to the gate, according to Cevahir. We’ll stay here and wait. Come on, come on, I’m not going to say anything about the problematic situation. However, our Sultan’s situation is dire.

Kay’s principality needs a gallant gentleman like you.

Please raise your hand, guys. They will vote for Gündüz. With Urdu Subtitles, Barbarossa Episode 32, you will not be a part of the brain conquest. The conqueror will be taken away from you. Kay owns the property of the infidel Harmankaya Castle. It will become Kay’s property with the help of the vizier Alemşah. Harmankaya is your property, but it will become Kay’s property if you become Kay’s chief. The gentlemen are then given their portion.

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Raise your hand if you support Gündüz with your vote.

That’s what they pinned as a trap, after all. It’s not over. These rascals’ game isn’t over. They wanted to assassinate Sultan Mesut first, then me. My dagger is on the Sultan’s back. If they can’t handle you, they’ll blame you for the Sultan’s death. Cevahir, it’s me. Come on in, brother. The rest is yours. We’re in grave peril. Get us out of the palace, please. I understand, Cevahir, the trouble you’re in! You made me a co-conspirator in your deception. I will transport you. How would you respond?

Are you seeing a traitor in my eyes?

Sultan Mesut’s aide attempted to assassinate him at first. Then there was me. He finally got what he deserved. However, I was unable to protect the Sultan. Geyhatu and Vizier Alemşah created this. You are not to blame. Cevahir, these thugs want to wipe off my Osman Bey and the Kay family. Turgut, you should believe it. What if this is part of your game as well? Is it true that I’m in the mood to play? Say it! Let go! Will it be okay, mum, if you don’t open your lips with a knife and say auburn Abdal? In God, there is no hope. However, the wound is quite profound. So deep. Kumral Abdal Syrup was cooked. May God grant you healing.

God bless you. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim

Could you not do it, Bala? It would not be your fault if it weren’t thrown in front of me because of me. Besides, Selcan Hatun is a formidable opponent. Kay’s mother is an example of a strong woman. Please forgive our mother, Allah. Amine. Mother! Mother Ana Selcan! With Urdu Subtitles, Barbarossa Episode 32 We’re fine, mum, and thanks to you, you’ll be fine. Thank God that courageous and brave guys like you exist in Konya, which is writhing in the hands of traitors. We’re going to depart this palace. Bey Osman,

It’s impossible to disguise yourself as a non-merchant.

Allow no one to approach you. They, too, are deserving of the riches. Kay will be the informal owner of Harmankaya! Thanks. Turgut, I called you my brother! How dare you commit such treason! Cut, Osman Bey, you have a black mark on your name! Cevahir, what do you know? What exactly do you do? Is your name making a wrong impression on me? They sell their wares in Harmankaya’s markets, feed their animals in their fields, create new opportunities, and revitalize their camps. I’ll repeat it. You are correct! Come on over to the store! Hold on to the mother, don’t leave me alone! Hold on, Mama! Insha’Allah, insha’Allah, insha’Allah the alps of Boran valiant Cenk square Thank God, we’re on our side… I appreciate it.

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