Barbarossa Episode 33 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 33 In Urdu Subtitles by Makkitvs

Barbarossa Episode 33 With Urdu Subtitles, You may see the negöl Castle here. Eyice, eyice, eyice We’ll walk there first since we’ll be the first ones there. Bursa is the next stop, where the Keşiş Mountains spread their wings. The sentence then goes to Konstantiniyi, and then it’s cihan. You will pass on this case, which I inherited from my ancestor to your offspring. They will, in turn, pass it on to their offspring. We’re going to be a state. Neither our expedition nor our fight will come to an end. My children, we were born on horseback, and we will die on horseback. The horse has been kind to us. The Turk’s wing is the horse. And when we’re on horseback, we constantly move forward! Our very nature yearns for the influx. Our gaze is drawn continuously to conquering.

The two wings are what propel us onward. You say, “Orhan.”

What is the name of one of those wings? The world’s order is a case, father. The ordinance is the world’s case. It is to establish Allah’s order as the world’s supreme authority. Allow Alaeddin to inquire about the opposite wing of that wing. Father, the holy word is God. That’s right, and we steal our Pusats for that reason. You can’t do anything, Simon, with this traitor inside you. Who do you want to answer? Tell me who it is. When will the new items be delivered? The next caravan will arrive soon. Tonight, we’ll take it. Hitch? That Turkish businessman. With the help of my assistant. Damn. That knucklehead had to betray us. Good. Then you must know who you must assassinate before Osman. Simon, what’s up? Do you want us to attack, sir? Simon! Simon! Whom are you addressing?

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To what do you suppose I’m directing all of this firepower? To which?

Has it all been for naught? We shall not act transparently. And then there was nothing. Do you get what I’m saying, Simon? Did you get what I was saying? Simon, get out of here. Exit. You cretins! Sir, is there any Destur? Please, don’t make me laugh. My Bey, the Tekfur’s man, arrived from the opposite Hisar. Let it come. [Tension sound] I delivered Basileus, the Tekfur of Yarhisar, welcome. Tekfur Basileus desires Holofira, his daughter. With Urdu Subtitles, Barbarossa Episode 33 Holofira is our visitor, as you can see. And he stated exactly what he needed to say. He does not wish to accompany you. Osman Bey, nevertheless -Tekfur Basileus! – Please stay out of my path! Thank you very much. The Emperor has never been seen participating in the Tekfurs’ marriage.

Holofira, start at the beginning and tell me everything.

Mr. may you exist. You blessed the table of Mr. Osman Bey and asked his toy a question today. Do we have the authority to claim Söüt to the Turkmen market in the event of a war, he asked? Now I’ll ask whether you’d want to say… Mr. Barkn, thank you for your time and consideration. Our oba is just as fertile as yours. Similarly, we have a large number of Alps. Ergun Bey is correct. Most of the camps are outmanned by our Alpine contingent. We are capable of safeguarding the market, including Söüt. Thanks. – Thanks. – Thank you, God. You made me ecstatic. Thank you, but let’s see who claims to be the Turkish fortune teller. Our loyalty is to the table at which we eat. Tük’s fortune is in the hands of Barkin Bey.

Mr. Ganja, that’s all I’ve got to say about that. Brother, tell me about what you did at your father’s house.

On the other hand, we dispatched those ruthless foes like brothers and dogs. Herds of dogs never anticipated us to fight hard enough, and it never dawned on us how we would avenge the innocent. The oppressors have remembered, brothers, and this is what you will witness if you lift your hand to the oppressed. May our spirits abound if your brother hits the kopuz wire. Oh, insha’Allah! Greetings, MashAllah! Hey! With Urdu Subtitles, Barbarossa Episode 33 Osman Bey, is there a Destur? Come on, dude. We don’t have enough time. Osman Bey, I wouldn’t have arrived at midnight if it weren’t so important. Nope. Tomorrow, you are invited to the Tekfur of Yarhisar and the Tekfur of Becek’s wedding. Uh, don’t go. They set a trap for themselves. They’re going to kill you. Satan! All this time, I’ve been assisting him.

I don’t know how many times I’ve saved his life. He, on the other hand, sipped raw milk uncooked.

We don’t have an army like the devil, but we have a relationship like a door. Kosses, farewell. This is a favor I will never forget. Thanks. Will you be able to sleep well? You didn’t leave on time, and you didn’t arrive on time. I dozed off. I just sat and waited. Nevertheless, you showed up. Barki, I honor my word. How? Sir, did he say you’re leaving? I liberated Jerusalem. There’s nothing to be concerned about. The Osmans are rumored to have attended my wedding. They will, however, follow their funerals. Take it away from me. Kosses. Just hang in there. Hold on, and we’ll get you to Söüt. He was taken to Bilecik by Osman Bey. Who? They abducted the kids. Aladdin, Orhan. Who was the one who snatched it? kosses. What happened to Kosses? kosses. Have you seen Aladdin and Orhan?

Malian Hatun was not visible to me. My little ones. God will keep you safe.

Barbarossa Episode 33 With Urdu Subtitles Who was it that did this? What happened to my sons? They were unsuccessful. Malhun Hatun was missed. Mr. Sungur, what are your thoughts? Who kidnapped my children, and where are they now? He was taken to Bilecik Castle. Who? His face has been covered for many years. Ahh! Mr. Sungur should be taken to the hospital. Malhun Hatun, thank you very much. Lets. Lets. Get ready, Alps; we’re heading to Bilecik. The Alps. Lets. Kosses should be taken to Söüt. It’s safe in the hands of my sheikh. Brothers, come on. Hold your horses, Kosses. Please hold on. Osman Bey, let’s get into their Castle as quickly as feasible. Let them know what it’s like to have their hands on your child. If even my children’s hair is injured, I will smash the Tekfurs’ palaces on their heads.

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