Barbarossa Season 1 Bolum 5 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Bolum 5 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Bolum 5 In Urdu Subtitles I am here, Osman, because he is not there. I’ve come. Do not deceive yourself. Kindly respond to my inquiry. Also gone are Edebali and his daughter. However, I am unable to locate them. It won’t be long before we’re done. It’s on the very tip of my claw, remember. Osman, you don’t need to kill me right now. Demon. Hatun Selcan So, what exactly do you mean? Selcan Hatun isn’t in the willow at all. Osman, your rage overwhelmed your wit. You don’t realize that every nook and cranny has a black shadow.

What happened to Selcan Hatun, and what did you do with him?

It is up to you, not us, to make the decision. He’s currently staying in a caravanserai, completely oblivious to what’s happening. Princess Sofia, you are most welcome. I appreciate it. Selcan Hatun, what exactly do you want? I have my dagger, but Hayme Ana’s ancestral dagger is missing. He, too, was spared the firing squad. Mr. Bamsi, believe us when we say that we have your back. With Urdu Subtitles: Barbarossa Season 1 Bolum 5 Even a body like Yannis pollutes Kulucahisar’s air. Removing it We’d want to renew the old arrangement in your hosting while you’re here, Alişar.

Episode 6   

Alisar, here’s the deal. Mr. Dundar, thank you for your time and consideration.

I am not at all at ease during the day. Your uncle is still on the market for a bargain. Osman, my Osman, hasn’t shown up yet. Mr. Bams, don’t be concerned; my father, Erturul Gazi, established the groundwork for this deal. Yorgo Pulos was my Erturul Bey’s target for this agreement. These duvets won’t let you down. With these gudubets, Gunduz Bey is not happy. Where are you, Osman, not with him? Where? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa No? You appear to have received excellent news. Thank God they’ve dealt with an unpleasant problem that may have resulted in many deaths.

Your toes are exceptionally fortunate.

With Urdu Subtitles: Barbarossa Season 1 Bolum 5, I’m delighted to have the opportunity to speak with you. I want to pay you and Zöhre Hatun in Obaniz a visit if that’s okay with you. Certainly. Anyone who comes to our door will always find it open. (Greetings) Who are these people, Aybüke? Selcan Hatun, I was unable to get it out. Where did you come from, my lovely girl? What brought you here, and where are you going? Ahi Evran and ahis Fatma’s sister Yaren is remembered as a mother and a sister. What are the names of the foursome sitting next to you? My father is a wonderful person. Edebali, Sheikh


Is islanding on the hill going to be inconvenient?

Mother, my father enjoys praying and praying. He’ll be delighted, on the opposite. Oh, my. My lovely girl, you radiate radiance. May the way ahead of me be made clear. Chick, I salute you. We would have expressed our respect, sir, if you had let it. Girl, decency does not entail sitting on the couch in front of a mortal. In the face of His glory, decency acknowledges the Creator’s absence, nothingness. Oh, my. It’s not for nothing that you’re referred to as Turkmen Husband. You walked into the massive caravanserai with your light, shook it with your majesty, and torched it with your wisdom. Your authorization is granted.

Lady, do you mind if I ask you to pardon your moniker?

Selcan Hatun, one of the apricots. Martyr’s mother, martyr’s wife [Swords collide.] [Laughter.] Be careful, brothers, just in case. Storm! Sir, please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you. The right side is yours, Kantura’s, and Boaç’s. Allow no one to elude you. Sir, I’d want to express my gratitude to you. Lets! Onur, Demirbenben, and Erkut will hold the back line. We will attack my signal. We will no longer wear a scabbard on our waists to insert a Pusat. There is a grudge against Keferi that will lead to his demise, a grudge that will smear the oppressor with blood.

Subtitles in Urdu for Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 5

Subtitles in Urdu for Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 4 Only the angel of death will prowl these countries now that we have arrived. [Oh, my goodness!] (Can you tell me what’s up?) I’m sure you’re aware that I’ve broken up with my girlfriend. I’d want to crown your daughter Aygül at my mansion if that’s okay with you. Mr. Alisar, I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Dundar. Thank you for your time and consideration. I apologize for keeping you waiting. Your requested agreement texts are now available. Nothing is stopping you from finalizing the transaction now that Yannis is gone. Will the arrangement reached while Osman away have any bearing on the situation? Mr. Dundar, where have you been lately? Shut up, your small one, we say to your elder.

My brother’s assignment has the seal in my hands when it comes to the issue of the agreement. Dundar Bey is a tyrant from the Middle East Sofia, the Princess. On the beaches of the Caspian Sea, I once spotted a lovely flower. My nostrils are still filled with odor. I’m reminded of that flower every time I see you. What’s more, it’s quite harmful. [huh!] Salvador isn’t here. Salvador has vanished. Osman Bey, don’t be concerned. 4th season

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