Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 10 in Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 10 in Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 10 in Urdu Subtitles Which of your troops wields a blade as sharp as his alps? You were none! Anyone who tries to give me advice is wasting their time! The fundamental order will remain intact! If this arrangement is broken, we will all fall prey to Osman’s crop. Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 10 in Urdu made it harder for the Sultan’s soldiers. We’re done if it doesn’t end tomorrow! Jason, you have no right to speak in such a manner. Enough! It’s pointless to eat one another in this situation! The Sultan or his troops aren’t the issues! Osman.

Are you still perplexed?

We need to pile on the pressure and finish him off on the right-wing. You continue to use Osman as a pronoun. Dukas Osman and his alps battle far better than the Sultan’s army, didn’t you say? True! However, we have a regular army, and the Sultan’s army is worn out. They’ve been traveling from Konya for days to get here. Is it clear to you what I said? We were unable to outperform one another.

Episode 11   

My troops are worn out. Our alps will become food if we demolish Dukas’ steel core. We will succeed tomorrow, my Sultan, by Allah’s grace. With your bravery and resolve, you didn’t leave them a chance. That core is prone to failure. Malhun dame, bon appetit! Stop doing it. You’ve taken a seat. I don’t want to eat alone, so let’s converse. Let us fill your stomach as you’ve been exhausted all day. Then retire to your room for a good night’s sleep. Let’s eat, shall we? Is there a Destur out there, Malhun? Lady Bala, come on. Good luck!

What are your plans, honey?

Eat. Eat, Zoya! I said! What exactly is the significance of this Bala lady? You had to eat, I told you! What would you do, Bala woman, if I asked you that question? This average is out to kill you. He ingested something poisonous and died as a result—Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 9 in Urdu Lie. You will eat your chest back if you are telling the truth. Or I’ll teach you how to eat it! A healer woman in Söüt provided him with the poison that will kill you, your son, and yourself. It’s been featured by Zoyi as well. Oh, my goodness, what’s going on here? What are you doing? Please excuse me, and I’m an elderly lady!

An older man, tell me about your Zoya adventures!

I won’t respect your age if you don’t, and I’ll cut your throat! Please do not abandon me! To provide an example! We apprehended and imprisoned the poisoner. What did you intend to accomplish? Who do you work for, and who has forced you to do this? Nicholas. Isn’t she an orphan? Zoyi, I feel bothered. Throw this in with Alaca in the confined tent, Gonca! Come. Late seating is recommended. Be quiet; it’s late. When Osman Bey arrives, he’ll reduce his punishments. I had my doubts.

You seemed envious of me.

I had made a mistake. We would have lost our son if it hadn’t been for you, Barbarossa Episode 10 in Urdu Subtitles Season 1! Malhun is a female from the Malhun tribe of Malhun. Your son or daughter is likewise my son or daughter. This is something you must always remember. I’ll burn the entire globe for your child, not to be jealous! We aren’t merely Osman’s wife and warriors.

Nicholas! God bless you. Is everything all right? Helen… What happened to Helen and Dukas? All of Dukas, Adnos, Jason, and Feridles are no longer alive! Was Dukas’ diabolical arrogance to blame for his death? Both victory and victory stated victory, leaving us with a massive defeat rather than a victory. 6th episode of Teskilat

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