Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 18 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 18 In Urdu Subtitles

Subtitles in Urdu for Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 18 His goal is to drive my lord out of the country. He appeared to be doing the right thing, but he did the wrong thing. The devoted alps of Osman Bey, I wish you would choose nationalism above brain loyalty. You would no longer be in pain. Queen! Kay’s wolves aren’t scared enough by your harshness. Make an effort! Soldiers! Remove their flesh from their bones with a whipping motion! Then imprison him! Söüt is where you go. Alem Shah, the Vizier, should be notified. Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 18 In Urdu Subtitles Full HD

Sir, you are correct. The Vizier and the Sultan have both vanished!

Anyone who arrives without locating Osman will be held responsible! It was clear that the snake intended to play. Since I arrived, he’s been tampering with my employer. Subtitles in Urdu for Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 18 I got. When you initially arrived, I told you so. Those eyes appear to be resting down like those of a contented dog. Mother, do you think we should stay here and wait like this? So, what are my options? We won’t hold our breath, Bala; the Vizier will be held accountable. So, how did I get here? What have I done? I trusted the Vizier. My brother was kidnapped. They can’t do anything since Osman Bey isn’t guilty. I have no idea who Ayşe is, and I have no idea! I will, however, issue a warning: I shall see Alem Shah.

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Sir, how do you think we’ll do? We’ll go into the castle and save Mari.

Is it okay if I leave Mari in Nikola’s care? Sir, how will we get into all of these soldiers? Nikola the dog, you know, it’s a great protector! We’ll enter so that the entire globe will hear about it and discuss it. Mari, take a deep breath. Please stay with me! Is there any trouble, your Majesty? Let’s face it: Gündüz Bey, Gündüz’s Majesty, the Vizier, arrived. Allow for it. Alem Shah, Vizier, Do you have anything to do with this? Sultan Mesut has proclaimed in this regard.

It is up to us to comply with Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 18 Urdu Subtitles.

Is there any trouble, your Majesty? Let’s face it: There is information from Konur alp, Your Majesty. Mr. Osman, I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your Osman Bey’s fate is unknown. In Urdu and English, watch Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 18 Decide. His Majesty Osman Bey escaped. We’re not sure how this happened. Gündüz Bey, your brother’s uprising continues. He ignores his brother and the Vizier. In addition, he disobeyed the Sultan’s directive. No. This time, I’m not sure what you’re attempting to do.

Please inform Sultan.

Subtitles in Urdu for Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 17 Osman allegedly fled from the judge, claiming to be both a traitor and a rebel! Inform me. Make sure everyone knows how rebellious Osman is. The story of his betrayal of the Seljuks will be told to his compatriots. On the spot, he’ll be apprehended and sentenced. My Vizier, here is your order. Alem Shah, Grand Vizier! Is it indispensable to bring this up now? We don’t put in extra hours if we don’t have to. You revert to your preoccupation. The Kay tribe will not go without a leader for long. Mr. Gunduz, get your game face on. You’re going to let the mail pile up on you.

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