Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 3 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 3 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Bolum 3 With Urdu Subtitles I came first, and my father will be on the road soon, insha’Allah.  Who are these crazed individuals? Mr. Bamsi, these are snakes, not wild. Snake. Mr. Bamsi, you have a trust that weighs heavily on my shoulders. My brother Aybars was murdered by these accursed. They have heads as well. I’ll also bring it to you. Isn’t it true that the older man wasn’t Yannis? I grasped the snake’s tail and grabbed its head.

We’ll crush his head as well, even Allah.

Don’t be concerned. It’s now up to you, Bamsi Bey, to exact your vengeance. My heart doesn’t cool down even if their blood is as cold as the Pied river’s water. My name is Osman. I hope you exist. Allow yourself to exist. Osman Bey, I was correct. I used to remember you leaving Aybars out of our company. Burçin Hatun, there will be no forgetting. Bamsi Bey is a character in the film Bamsi Bey Dears! Siblings! Sisters! Yarns! Today is the day for me to extinguish the fire within me. Today is the day of my martyred son Aybars’ vengeance.

Episode 4   

These snakes believed we would forget our suffering if we didn’t follow them. These snakes assumed we didn’t keep track of our finances. But Osman Bey, with his eagle-like claws, grabbed them and hurled them in front of me. It’s now up to me as well. To distinguish their deadly heads from their toxic tails, Today is the day when all snakes attempting to invade the Turk’s bosom will be beheaded. The time has come to walk to our faith in the Red Apple. Osman, my brave black-eyed warrior. Aunt, please accept my greetings. It appealed to me.

I’ve seen both kind people and those that tolerate others, my son, even Allah.

Let us go to my father’s bedside. He tracked out the killers of Tekvur and Aybars and brought them to the camp. There was a cascading deluge, Osman. Either I’ll be ahead of him, or we’ll be able to stop him, or his flow will break us all. Osman, his father’s lion, is my brother-in-law. Don’t let your eyelashes fall on your eyes, Osman. What’s on your mind right now? Please tell me. Alhamdulillah, I saw you alive like this, aunt, and there is no more trouble. Please feel free to use my facilities. Osman, Osman, Osman, Osman, Osman, O

The sentence will be carried out one day. The Oghuz tribes will band together.

It will be powerful. My lion, hopefully. Hopefully. Did you go to the caravanserai, I heard? Yeah. I decided to go. What’s going on? Where did you get this dagger, Osman? Has somebody in Kervansaray piqued your interest? Yes, it was. Kulucahisar’s Princess He’d come to see me. Sofia. Sofia. But, son, what is Sofia’s connection to this dagger?

They urged me to spare someone’s life in exchange for your life, sister. So, what exactly are you saying? Sofia? Yannis. Yannis, who are you? Aunt, we’ll talk in the evening. When I arrived at the caravanserai, my Osman, I was fortunate enough to witness Sheikh Edbali’s blessed visage. Aunt, what exactly are you saying? Yeah. My lion, your face gleamed like the moon. What’s going on?

Those who are unconcerned have a bad reputation. Kalonoz.

Boran Buyur Bey is my name. My aunt Selcan has arrived, and I must now proceed to the camp. Bring this dog over to our house. At the very least, talk until the morning. Don’t be concerned, Mr. The nightingale would be chopped off if it were a snake, even Allah. You proceed to Obana, Samsa sergeant.

Keep an eye out for updates from me. Hatun Selcan This one was absent from your list of woes. Thank God I was able to see Selcan Hatun through the eyes of the world once more. Ayşe. Aunt, please accept my greetings. My lovely daughter. Aunt Selcan, please accept my greetings. My name is Aygül. Aunt Selcan, please accept my greetings. We had a good time. Selcan Hatun, welcome to the site. What if Zöhre’s face looked like a lime pit? Where is my black-eyed Osman, to our astonishment? Come on, say I heard.

My Osman was imprisoned in caged tents by you.

It denotes that the willow’s mountains and stones have been mentioned. Don’t you know, Zöhre, that all creatures spring to the fore in front of the Selcan woman? Where is my Osman? Please don’t slur? Dundar said that the imprisoned tent would be his, but he reduced his sentence. It was self-created. So, whence does God get his information? Osman couldn’t fit in his tin even as a child, so he knows a thing or two. Bring me some buttermilk, Aygül. My liver was reduced to ash.

Aunt Selcan is here now.

Please feel free to use my facilities. Selcan woman, please come in.
Your tent has been built up in the shade of my Erturul Bey’s tent. But, don’t you know, grass doesn’t grow in his tent’s shade? We will survive and move even though there is no tent worthy of my Bey Dundar. He is to be praised. May God bless you and your loved ones with a long and healthy life. Amine. Amine.

This is not the season for migration.

Selcan Hatun, do you mean no or evil? Zohre, God is aware of both good and negative. What’s going on? Are you concerned that we will cause you discomfort? Astaghfirullah. Insha’Allah, is there anything bad? Zohre, I’m exhausted. Obama is drained. Gündodum became unstoppable in the afterlife when he departed away. Barbarossa Season 1 Bolum 2

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