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Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 18 in Urdu Subtitles

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 18 in Urdu Subtitles by Makkitvs

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 18 in Urdu Subtitles Oh my Demirci, wow. The Alps! the catapults, please! Gather the currency! Close! Practically everywhere! Everything! Demirci, Mr. Blacksmith Bey Davut. Did you carry out all of this planning for me? I feel honored. These swords are catapulted. Let’s go. Each of them I burnt. Now, what will you do? Huh? Nikola, you torched it. It was torched. Know that Emerald Phoenix, please? Turk is his name here. Alhamdulillah, we will be raised from the flames of the fire with the light of Islam in our hearts. Yak Nikola, roughly. Storytelling is not my thing, Demirci Bey. But the narrative is highly popular with you Turks. You speak way too much. Damn. Monopoly no longer exists. Bilecik has left.

Turkish Bey Alps. Thanks. You may be accurate. Are you alright?

Thank you, we are good. Turgut Bey, thank you. Thanks. Once more, you made it, Nikola. You’ve barely escaped. Seven is not official. Turgut Bey, the time is almost here. Soon, I hope. He will undoubtedly make up for the suffering he caused. Nikola, the time is almost up. Osman, you won’t have anything left when you come here. Let’s go for it. Kill all of them. Let’s go. Let’s demonstrate what happens after the teething dogs. Guards. You blow the wind of the Caucasus. Let’s take out each tooth individually. My patience has reached its limit. Kiefer is a bloodthirsty man. Let’s go! Bride! To what are you running? What makes you think we are here? How did you learn about this?

You were welcome in my home! What made you notice me? How? Joyful.

You. You are a jurist who is the devil. But I was also a wolf disguised as a human. You’re actually in my grasp. Sir, it comes from Ak Temur. They will capture the mines and detonate them with Commander Romanos’ help. They want to take our ammo supply and stop us from using negöl. Beautiful. Beautiful. Release them. Let them visit and witness our fury—episode 18 of Bir Zamanlar Kibris with Urdu subtitles. You made an effort to trick us using the Qur’an. Joyful. You did well, traitors. Joyful. So you were responsible for all of this evil, huh? Come on in. Were you trying to toss the willow at us? Come! Would you have murdered Mari Umur Bey Ivaz Bey? Ah. Come on in.

How did I perform? From where is Baysungur? What quotation is Kosler stealing?

Malian Hatun, the troops of Holafira’s aunt, has come. They’ve made significant progress. Let’s host this evening. When it’s ready, take it to the guest tent, and I’ll hopefully see you there. Let’s start working now, please. The weapons he had amassed over the years I took. The mines are the most crucial! Master Arius with his wits, long live. Osman’s mines are his only assets. Still very dangerous! However, I must give Arius credit. I am constantly considering what comes next. Romanos, we call him Master Arius because of this. You’d better be careful if you said, Master Arius.

I’m here to commit bloodshed! Be there. You may be accurate. Oh my Allah!

Episode 18 of Bir Zamanlar Kibris with Urdu subtitles Mr. Ağa How much does breakfast cost, say? The last ones are these. Aa Bey, are our catapults Kavi? Will not let us down. Everything is OK. Osman Bey never let us go; he is a tribe and never lets us go. With God’s blessing, we shall use these catapults to destroy the walls of Negöl. Hopefully. I believe we will eliminate them. We redirected the villagers who transported products in their direction; Mr. They did not attempt to speak informal negöl. Another caravan was approaching, so we rammed it and stacked the stuff. How about the others? Did you fire one?

The supply routes’ sentence carries the potential for becoming illegal.

Nothing comes in; nothing leaves, Mr. So we cut negöl’s entire lifeline! Being the Turk’s property is not hindered in any way. Inform them that we have halted. But we’ll keep marching against the oppressors. Sir. Talk. Osman, Osman, and Turks are on their way, sir. Ram heads, catapults, and other tools. What is this, Nikola, if you burned the catapults? Know that Emerald Phoenix, please? Turk is his name here. Alhamdulillah, we will be raised with the light of Islam in our hearts from the site where it burned. His lack of response suggests that he already has the mine. So, will it succeed? They’ll descend to the base of our fortress, establish a base there, and launch a catapult attack, right? We just halted their upcoming assault, Nikola! And talking about it makes me so exhausted.

Episode 18 of Bir Zamanlar Kibris with Urdu subtitles

That’s not likely, commander. What will prevent the Turks? Their siege won’t ever take place because they would lose everything. And they won’t be successful. I’ll wait for Ayyus to deactivate the mines first, though. So you were referring to Sheikh Edebal’s life. Joyful. He is good; I both murdered and preserved him. I’m the reason he’s breathing right now if he is. But Osman, be honest. Terrible dog. Be brave and show your face, OK? Do you not fear my wrath? Ha? Come on in. You pretended to be a faqih when you entered my chamber. You used my dining room.

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