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Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles by Makkitvs

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles Demirci, wow. The Alps! Catapults, get them! Gather the coins! Close! Everything is nearby! Everything! Mister Demirci. Blacksmith DABUT BEY Did you complete this preparation on my behalf? I’m honored; swords like these are catapulted. Come on! I set them all on fire. What will you do right away? Huh? Nikola, you set it on fire. You set it ablaze. Are you aware of the Emerald Phoenix? His name is Turk here. Alhamdulillah, we will be raised with the light of Islam in our hearts from the area where it was destroyed. Yak Nikola, i.d. The afterlife will likewise be filled with a lot of fire. Demirci Bey, I’m not too fond of stories. You Turks, however, are huge fans of the tale. Talk less, please. Damn. The monopoly has ended. Bilecik has vanished.

Turkey Bey Alps. Thanks. You might be real. Do you feel OK?

Thank you, we’re alright. Turgut Bey, many thanks. Thanks. Nikola, you’ve done it again. You’ve just gotten by. Seven is slang. Turgut Bey, the hour is nearly here. In a short while. The grief he caused will undoubtedly be made up for. Nikola, time is nearly up. When you come here, Osman, you won’t have anything left. Attack, then. Execute them all. They were all entangled in eternal darkness. Come on! Let’s see what happens when the teething dogs finally stop. Guards. Your wind is Caucasian. Let’s take each tooth out one by one. My ability to be patient has gone out. Kefir is hungrily awaiting his blood. Hurry up! Bride! You’re rushing somewhere.

You are my guest, please! How did you get me? How? Joyful.

You. You are the devil posing as an attorney. However, I was a wolf disguised as a human. I’ve got hold of you. It comes from Ak Temur, sir. The mines will be seized and detonated by Commander Romanos and Arius. They want to remove our ammunition supply and stop us from obtaining negöl. Beautiful. Beautiful. Set them free. Come and witness our fury, please. the 20th episode of Bir Zamanlar Kibris in Urdu with subtitles. With the Qur’an, you attempted to trick us. Joyful. Traitors, you did well. Joyful. OK, so you must have been responsible for all of this bad, no? Visit us. You did try to fling the willow at us, huh? Come! Ivan Mari Umur Bey, would you have been murdered by you? Ah. Visit us.

Did I play how? Who is Baysungur? Which adage does Kosler appropriate?

The warriors of Holafira’s aunt have come, Malhun Hatun. They have traveled far. Tonight, let’s host. When it’s ready, I’ll hopefully meet you when you take it to the guest tent. Let’s get started right now, please. Let’s all take a break, guys. Osman is now without anything. Without his mines, Osman is nothing! Still a serious threat! I must, however, give Arius credit. That’s why we refer to him as Master Arius, Romanos. And if you say, Master Arius, you’d better.

I’ve come to bloodshed! Being present, You might be real. Om Sha Allah!

21th episode of Bir Zamanlar Kibris in Urdu with subtitles Mr. Ağa How much is breakfast, let’s say? These are the very last. Everything is OK; you won’t let us down. Osman Bey is a tribe that never let us go. He never let us go. With the approval of God, we shall use these catapults to destroy the walls of Negöl. Hopefully. I’m hoping we can eliminate them. We diverted the people who were bringing items from their direction. Mr. The informal “negöl” receives no effort from them. We rammed another caravan as it approached and packed the stuff around it, sir. You fired one; how about the others?

The supply channels’ sentence carries the weight of an illegal declaration.

Nothing enters, nothing exits, Mr. So we eradicated negöl’s lifeline! Tell them we have stopped. However, we’ll keep marching toward the oppressors. Sir. Talk. Osman, Osman, and Turks will soon arrive, sir. Equipment such as ram heads and catapults. Nikola, what is this if you burned the catapults? Are you aware of the Emerald Phoenix? His name is Turk here. Alhamdulillah, we will be raised from where it burned with the light of Islam in our hearts. He must already have the mines, based on his quiet. Will it thus succeed? They’ll descend to the base of our castle, set up camp, and launch a catapult assault, am I right? Nikola, their upcoming attack has just been thwarted. And talking about it is wearing me out.

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles by Giveme5

Commander, I don’t believe so. How can the Turks be stopped? They won’t ever be under siege because they will be stripped of everything. They won’t succeed, either. I’ll hold off till Ayyus has destroyed the mines, though. You meant Sheikh Edebal’s life. Joyful. He is morally upright because I both killed and preserved him. He is breathing now only because of me. Osman, however, is honest. Timid canine. Don’t be shy, show your face, OK? You don’t fear my anger, do you? Ha? Visit us. In the garb of a faqih, you entered my room. You sat down at my desk.

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