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Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 22 in Urdu Subtitles

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 22 in Urdu Subtitles by Makkitvs

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 22 in Urdu Subtitles Awe Demirci wow. The Alps! Furnish the catapults! Grasp the coins, please! Close! Everything is close by! Everything! I’m Mr. Demirci. Blacksmith David Bey. All this preparation—did you do it for me? I appreciate the award. Come on. All of them were torched. What’re you going to do now? Huh? Nicholas, you destroyed it. You’re burning it. The Emerald Phoenix, do you know it? Turk is the man’s name here. Alhamdulillah, we will rise from the flames of the fire with the light of Islam in our hearts. Yak About Nikola In the afterlife, you will have access to a lot of fire. Demirci Bey, I’m not a fan of tales. However, the tale is highly popular with you Turks. You talk far too much. Damn. The monopoly is no more in Bilecik’s absence.

Bey Turgut Alps. Thanks. You may be accurate. Are you OK?

Thanks, we’re good. Turgut Bey, I’m grateful. Thanks. Again, Nikola, you made it through. You’ve barely gotten by. Informally, seven. Turgut Bey, it’s almost time. Not much longer now. He will undoubtedly make amends for the suffering he caused. The time is almost up, Nikola. Come here, Osman, and you won’t have anything left. Attack, will we? Take them all out. Come on. Let’s demonstrate what happens when teething dogs reach their end. Guards. The Caucasian wind is what you blow. Let’s eliminate each tooth individually. I’m out of a moral patience compass. The blood is what Kefir craves. Just go! Bride! You seem to be running somewhere. How did you discover our presence? From whom did you learn this?

I’ve welcomed you into my home. Why did you capture me? How? Joyful.

You. You are a lawyer who is the devil. I was a wolf disguised as a human, though. You are, in fact, in my control. That’s from Ak Temur, Sir. The mines will be seized and destroyed by Arius and Commander Romanos. They want to take control of our supply of ammo and stop us from obtaining negöl. Beautiful. Beautiful. Dispatch them. Come, witness our fury, let them—episode 21 in Urdu with Subtitles of Bir Zamanlar Kibris. With the Qur’an, you attempted to trick us. Joyful. Traitors, you’ve done well. Joyful. So you were responsible for all of this bad, huh? Please come. I take it you tried to fling the willow at us? Come! Mari Umur Bey Ivaz Bey was someone you would have slain. Ah. Please come.

How did I do? Where is Baysungur from? Kosler appropriates a quote from whom?

Malian Hatun, the troops from Holafira’s aunt, is here. They have made great strides. This evening, let’s host. When it is ready, I hope to see you there when you take it to the guest tent. Let’s start working right now, please. He had ammo that he had gathered over the years, which I seized. Mines are most significant. Master Arius, may your mind survive long. Without his mines, Osman has no worth! Yet another severe threat! However, Arius deserves praise. Consider the next step at all times. For this reason, Romanos, we refer to him as Master Arius. You had better be careful if you said, Master Arius.

To shed blood is why I’ve come! Take part. You may be accurate. Oh, Masha Allah!

Episode 22 in Urdu with Subtitles of Bir Zamanlar Kibris Mr. Ağa The cost of breakfast, let’s say. The final ones are these. The catapults we use are Kavi and Aa Bey? Will not fail us; everything is OK, right? Osman Bey is a tribe; he does not release his grip. With God’s approval, we’ll use these catapults to knock down the walls of Negöl. Hopefully. We ought to obliterate them, I hope. The villagers who transported items from their direction were turned, Mr. For the casual “negöl,” they make no effort. When we saw another wagon approaching, Sir, we rammed it and stacked the goods. What about the others that you fired?

The supply routes’ punishment carries an illegality charge.

No things are coming in or going out, Mr. Therefore, we cut negöl’s entire lifeline! Being the Turk’s property has no obstacles in its way. Inform them that we’ve come to a stop. To the oppressors, however, we will keep marching. Sir. Talk. Osman is coming, and so are Turks, Sir. Ram heads, among other things, and catapults. What is this, Nikola? I mean, you burned the catapults. The Emerald Phoenix, do you know it? Turk is the man’s name here. Alhamdulillah, we shall be raised from the place of the flames of the light of Islam in our souls. He must already have the mines, based on his lack of response. Will it therefore succeed? They’ll descend to our castle’s base, establish a base of operations, and launch a catapult attack, right? Just now, Nikola, we prevented their subsequent assault. Furthermore, I’m sick of talking about it.

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 22 in Urdu Subtitles by Giveme5

No, commander. I don’t think so. What is going to stop the Turks? They won’t ever siege it. They shall be stripped of whatever they own, therefore. Furthermore, they will fail. I will, however, wait until Ayyus has destroyed the mines first. So, by Sheikh Edebal’s life, you meant. Joyful. I killed him and kept him alive since he is a good person. Because of me, he may be breathing at this very moment. However, Osman, be honest. Canine coward. Why don’t you expose your face, don’t you worry? Don’t you fear my vengeance, you fool? Ha? Please come. In your faqih disguise, you entered my room. I invited you to my table.

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