Bozkır Arslan Celaleddin Season 2

Bozkır Arslan Celaleddin Season 2 Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitles

Bozkır Arslan Celaleddin Season 2 Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Bozkır Arslan Celaleddin Season 2 Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitles. It appears to be little, yet it is quite nauseous. Nikola’s demise is no less tragic for us. Come on, and the command is waiting for you! We’ve been working on these for a long time, brother. It’s all gone, everything. My brother, the void left by the burning will be filled. Thank you very much, sir. Thanks. Is it Nikola or Osman Bey who has escaped? It’s in our control. The Alps are nearby. He’ll accompany us to the camp. Osman Bey, why are we kidnapping him? You’d break your neck. If only we hadn’t run into that dog. He requires my continued existence. I’ll release Inegol Castle once I’ve taken it. Will we make a deal for conquest? It is not our place to allow that jerk to go after what he has done to our brethren. Do we have a grudge towards Turgut Bey? We intend to file a lawsuit.

Is there anything better than donating a dog’s life in exchange for the Inegol Castle?

With Urdu Subtitles, Bozkr Arslan Celaleddin Season 2 Episode 1 states it. You are correct. First, there’s Inegol. First, there’s Inegol. [Music is being played] What if they refuse to accept, sir? Then we’ll follow Turgut Bey’s instructions. Do we have the strength, Osman Bey, to follow that route? Everything was obliterated. We have a lot of martyrs. Yigit’s bone dissolves, but his name endures. We shall remember them for their courage, dedication, and battles. We will remember them by the stones they erected along the path to conquest. They paved the road for us to conquer. Nikola is here. They can either give the castle in exchange for Nikola’s head or take Nikola’s head in exchange for the prestige of conquering the castle. They make the decision, but the gas is ours!

‘Allah is Great!’ Allahu Akbar (Allah is Great) What’s up with Kosses? He has taken up residence in the tent.

I’ll be waiting for you. ‘Allah is Great!’ Big David, you’ll be OK. You’re going to be OK. Your wound will heal on its own. Catapults exploded. They came to Master Davut, the degenerate who had opened the wound. Ah! David is a patient at the hospital. Isn’t it true that you’re already dead? Nikola, you’re breathing because my Lord said so. Playing with my rage is not a good idea. My Osman Bey, Brunette Abdal, wanted him to survive for the time being. Allah is the source of death and life. It is my responsibility to aid in the healing process. He’s hurt, but his jaw is working, and his hands aren’t comfortable. Let’s make a chain. If Nikola draws his sword, don’t be alarmed. But be wary if he speaks. This dog is deserving of such treatment. You’re all in need of me because you haven’t been able to kill me yet. Nikola, your reign has come to an end. Keep your mouth shut! Osman’s devoted dogs Mr. Ganja, thank you for your time. Put a piece of cloth over your lips.

Do not be concerned about your hand. That’s all right. So, as you say, let things be.

I’m going to keep away from this conflict. But I still want to assist you behind your back. Thank you very much, Kosses. Thanks. You’ve always been there for me, I know. You’ve put your life in jeopardy. However, if you had a member during the conquest of Negöl Castle, the Emperor would punish you severely. It will be discovered. But, Osman Bey, I’m not afraid of that either. I understand, Kosses. Of course, I’m aware. But for the time being, you must refrain. You get ready once more. We’re going to have a lot of fights with you. We’ll go toe-to-toe in this battle. It would be best if you acted as though you were my adversary for the time being. On the other hand, the Emperor will believe he has assembled an army to fight me.

Bozkır Arslan Celaleddin Season 2 Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitles

Your Pusat and catapults have been damaged. What will you do in that case? We haven’t let go of two things since my grandfather Suleyman Shah and my father, Erturul Gazi. The first is pusat, and the second is a precaution. The larger radishes are still in the sack, so we don’t put them all in the same basket. That’s great. I understand now. Isn’t it looking like the Inegol walls will take a battering tomorrow? That’ll be it if they don’t agree to submit in peace. [Music is being played] What, after all, is your situation? Osman Bey, I’m not sure. But for some reason, I’m not in the mood to return to that miserable fortress. I’m not sure whether I’m as receptive as I once was, huh? I don’t know, Osman Bey, but I suppose my soul is exhausted. After a succession of betrayals and tragedies, I only witnessed its light for a brief minute. while I’m in pain

While praying on the top of my head. Perhaps I misunderstood something.

Exactly what you were saying, But it was as though a flame lit up in my soul at that precise moment. Osman Bey, I saw that glow again, albeit briefly. kosses. This is my Lord’s mercy and his mercy. When we switch to gas, we continue to burn with the same fire. Consider how you might feel if you experienced these feelings while reading the prayer at your bedside. [Music is being played] You’ve come to the correct place. I pray that my Lord keeps us on the same side in prayer and battle. [Music is being played] Thank you very much. [Music is being played] Thank you very much. Ayşe Hatun, do you have Destur? [Music is being played] Aktemur? Mother. [Music is being played] Aktemur. Aktemur. My eldest son. My eldest son. Thank you, Lord! Through the eyes of the world, I saw my child. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes Allow me to examine you. Mother, Vuslat, is close by. However, it will need a little more patience. I’m not sure, son. My heart has been stoned for years.

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