Bozkır Arslan Celaleddin Season 2 With Urdu Subtitles

Bozkır Arslan Celaleddin Season 2 With Urdu Subtitles

Bozkır Arslan Celaleddin Season 2 With Urdu Subtitles. Although it appears to be insignificant, it is quite unpleasant. We have suffered a similar loss in Nikola. Come on, and the command is ready! We’ve been working on this for quite some time, brother. Everything has vanished. My brother, the void left by the charred will be filled. You’re welcome, bro. Thanks. Osman Bey, or Nikola, has escaped? We have control over it. The Alps are nearby. He is planning on joining us during the camp. Osman Bey, why are we bringing him? You’d smack your head on the table. If only we hadn’t accidentally run into that dog. He requires my presence to function. I’m going to release Inegol Castle once I get it. Are we going to haggle for conquest?

Is there anything better than surrendering a dog’s life to take the Inegol Castle?

Season 2 (Urdu Subtitles) of Bozkr Arslan Celaleddin express yourself. Right, you say. Inegol comes first. Inegol comes first. [Playing music] What happens if they refuse? Then we’ll take Turgut Bey’s advice and go in the direction he suggested. Osman Bey, do you think we have the strength to follow that route? Everything was smashed to bits. We have a large number of martyrs. Yigit’s bone dissolves, yet his name is not forgotten. Their heroism, hard work, and warfare will be remembered. The stones they laid on the route to conquest will serve as a memorial. We were able to conquer because of them. Nikola is ours.

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God is Great! God is Great. What’s the status of Kosses? In the tent, he is.

I’ll be ready when you arrive. God is Great! Big David, you’ll do fine. You’re in good hands. Your wound is going to get better. Catapults were destroyed in the fire. They brought Master Davut, the degenerate who had caused the wound. Ah! David, a colleague at the hospital. Isn’t it true that you’re no longer alive? Because my Lord said so, Nikola, you’re breathing. Playing with my rage is not a good thing. My Osman Bey wanted Brunette Abdal to survive for the time being. Allah is the source of both death and life. It is my responsibility to help people heal. He’s hurt, but his jaw isn’t broken, and his hands aren’t at ease. Let’s get this party started. If Nikola draws his sword, you should not be alarmed. However, be cautious if he speaks. This dog is deserving of it.

Your hand isn’t a problem. Okay. So, as you say, let it go.

This is a battle I will not participate in. But I’d like to assist you in some way behind the scenes. Kosses, thank you. Thanks. You’ve always stood at my side, I know. You’ve risked your life. However, if you had a member during the conquest of negöl Castle, the Emperor would punish you severely. It’ll turn up eventually. But, you know, Osman Bey, I’m not terrified of it either. Kosses, I’m aware of your predicament. Yes, I am aware. However, for the time being, you must refrain. You start all over again with your preparation. With you, we will have many fights. We’ll go toe-to-toe in this combat. For the time being, you must treat me as an adversary. So, what exactly are your expectations of me? Inform him of the situation.

Bozkır Arslan Celaleddin Season 2 With Urdu Subtitles

Your Pusat and catapults are both broken. So, what do you plan to do in that case? We have not let go of two things since my grandfather Suleyman Shah and my father, Erturul Gazi. The first is Pusat, while the second is prudence. The bigger radishes are still in the sack, so we don’t put them all in the same basket. I see what you’re saying now. Isn’t it looking like Inegol’s defenses will take a battering tomorrow? That’ll be the end if they don’t agree to a peaceful surrender. [Playing music] What is your situation, after all? Osman Bey, I don’t know. But I don’t feel like returning to that miserable castle for some reason. Perhaps I’m not as responsive as I once was, huh? Osman Bey, I’m not sure, but I believe my soul is exhausted.

While praying on my head. Perhaps I misunderstood you.

Just what you said. However, it was as if a light bulb went off in my soul at that precise instant. Osman Bey, I saw that glow again, even if it was only for a second. kosses. This is my Lord’s mercy, and his mercy is what I’m talking about. We use the same fire when we switch to gas. Consider how you might feel praying to your Lord if you felt these feelings in the prayer you read at your bedside. [Playing music] You’ve arrived at the correct destination. [Playing music] I appreciate it. [Playing music] I appreciate it. Ayşe Hatun, do you own Destur? [Playing music] Aktemur? Mother. [Playing music] Aktemur. Aktemur. It’s my child. It’s my child.

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