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Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 14 in Urdu Subtitles

Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 14 in Urdu Subtitles by Makkitvs

Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 14 in Urdu Subtitles First and foremost, you will see this Queen’s game. You’ll then hear about his ordeal. You managed to get ten points. If you don’t pull, you’ll perish… Who poisoned your nöker, and why did they do it? Except for us, who attacked you? Attack! It’s a welcome respite, thank you. My lamb felt relieved when I fed him milk. When he cried, Allah willing, he became exhausted. Mashallah, what a lovely sleeper he is. – In the name of Allah, my brave. Come on, Ayşe, you know you can do it. Ayşe Hatun, thank you Ana. Please, my daughter, sit with your child. My son is a descendant of one of his mothers…

Orhan, I felt frightened to death.

May God protect you, my little son, as I am a creation victim. My Orhan, it’s almost time; your grandfather is on his way. Will you be friendly to your grandfather before he arrives, or will you be rude? As you can see, when he comes, he’ll adore you: greetings, Umur Bey, the wolf from a wolf, heroic from valiant Umur bey. Many coyotes attempted to bite your grandfather, but he used his hands to rip out all of their teeth. Even those who sought to build a rift between your father and us were caught in his traps. Your grandfather is an incredible person. Your nöker was poisoned by someone who works for Alemşah. Giveme5,

It has to go. Now is the time to collect them. The Vizier in question…

I’m going to wait for a death that isn’t official. I’ll also have a private discussion with Geyhatu. Now… In the space between them, I planted couch grass. To survive, they’ll sell one another. At long last, we have won. Nikola, your stake in the triumph is likewise shaky. I stood back to collect strength, if you mean war. As a result, my share might be a little higher than yours. I also appreciate your not humiliating me in front of the emperor… Osman Bey is a name that comes to mind when you think of a Nikola; neither of us will be embarrassed. Inform him that the threat has been eliminated but that he still has a Turkish brain.

In Urdu Subtitles, Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 14

Kosses. In any case, Nikola, that’s what we wanted. Kosses, was that it? Osman took advantage of us and apprehended all of his foes. Kosses, it’s now your turn. This is something you are also aware of. Our turn has come. Our castles will be his first target. It will then go after us. If I tell Osman all of this, he’ll tear you up wonderfully! Do you have any idea how cold I get regularly? In addition, I would have put too much emphasis on protecting the pen. A single stone can kill two birds. Geyhatu, I’d like to know. He’s a name we’ve all heard. It’s exactly what I’m looking for.

Han Argun To the Garpa Franks, Argun Khan dispatched an emissary.

Who is Emeli, and what does she stand for? Wow? Was the information kept hidden? You’re so terrified of Turks and Muslims that you’ve decided to band together with Christians. So your tongue has more power than you. Is Vizier Alemshah your grand alliance? You haven’t decided on an ally yet. His time on this planet is limited. He’ll say everything sooner or later, I’m sure. You’ve grown considerably… Because of your size, you are a slave to me. I’ll tell all of my kids about it. Make sure you don’t become too large. They cannot compare to God. Geyhatu, are you aware of God? Those small things then pass the rope in a moment of carelessness.

The meat does not enter the female wolf’s stomach. Let’s see how things turn out.

In Urdu Subtitles, Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 14 Let’s see how things turn out. Please, please, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Brothers, please come… What are you doing here, Cerkutay, sibling? Cerkutay, eat up! Brother, also leave it to us. I’m famished, bro. So, my Cerkutay, what would you do? Isn’t it true that Aygül Hatun prepares your meals? Marriage is more difficult than a dowry, my brothers. My siblings and I. Be yourself right now, pay close attention to what I’m saying, and be yourself – eh? Keep oneself in good shape. Aygül Hatun is impatiently awaiting his meal. Aygül Hatun will greet you! Cerkutay! The Selamunaleykum mountains are located in the Selamunaleykum region of the Selamunaleyk Akca dervish, aleykumselam Cerkutay,

Episode 15   

I went looking for him, but he never showed up.

I sincerely hope you will accept my invitation. Akça dervish, his problem, is enormous. – Can you tell me what these are? Mr Gündüz dispatched him. Geyhatu left them as prizes. These are your pusat rights for fighting bravely. My Orhan, your mum, is a big fan of you. That is something you should never forget. Osman, my lion, please accept my warmest greetings. Please, please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE I didn’t know what to do since I was terrified, Osman. Selcan was the primary character, which was fortunate. My Malhun has died. Therefore it’s all over. Look at him, lion. He’s completely devoid of anything. He’ll also grow up like this, according to Kumral Abdal. Thanks. His fire, after all, comes from his heart, not his body…

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