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Can Feda Turkish Full Movie in Urdu Subtitles

Can Feda Turkish Full Movie in Urdu Subtitles

Can Feda Turkish Full Movie in Urdu Subtitles. You’re going to leave Obama with your dogs. You will restore the valuables you have taken from us. You’ll ratify it in front of the gentlemen by making a promise. I came here to assassinate those who dared to oppose me. If what you say is false, I shall annihilate the Kay tribe today with my entire army. Distributing a load of grief Let the bonds of enslavement be broken. Allow the shooting doors to swing open.

My Osman Balgay’s judgment seems suspect.

Sir, the fire that will burn this time is quite large. Let’s assume that the approaching hell is real. Of course, my lovely child, we’ll take care of it. We’ll undoubtedly switch it off. The divine assurance you provided My soul’s tremendous ethics. The one in the heavens of my ancestor, Cengiz, brought him closer to his inner self. Gentlemen, you said. They’ve arrived. However, whatever you say.

Oba is performed for us with öre and töre toys.

However, Toy does not begin in this manner. What kills when you say “Be” is the light of faith that comes from the 99 names of Allah. Kayi’s courageous gentlemen, I have the Genghis Khan laws, which Balgay also values. Can Feda is a Turkish film with Urdu subtitles. For a Mongolian commander, these laws are crucial. Because the Mongols have been tracking them for years to seize these treasures, they are now in my possession. Balgay will leave the camp in exchange for enacting those laws. It will set our Alps free.

I desired Let your peace be assured in the presence of the grandchild. Thanks.

Cengiz, my ancestor, When you’re alone, keep your words to yourself; when you’re not, keep them to yourself. Can Feda is a Turkish film with Urdu subtitles. He gave instructions. Balgay here. This is a pledge I made. I swear that if Osman maintains his word, he will do what he says. If there’s a game within a game, I’ll burn your dogs on the fire, even your lambs. I wouldn’t even put your infant in the crib alive. Then there’s the matter of keeping my word.

Sir Osman is a dangerous individual. Even though he is overcrowded

He has the appearance of a lone wolf. He is, after all, alone. The Mongols now control all of their alps. In his hands, he has my army. Allow me to investigate what he’s been up to. You may be lying. You might end up fighting us again on Osman’s side. Salvador It is possible to avoid death repeatedly. But no one can ever truly escape. Do you get what I’m saying? Sir, yes. I am confident that I will be of tremendous assistance to you during this battle. In Urdu, Kutrlar Vadisi

You’re leaving Osman in your care.

I promised myself that I would not die before being forgiven. I’ll skin you alive if you make a mistake. Osman, my son Osman, my son Balgay kefir, was that what he said? My Bamsi Bey has promised to keep his word. Don’t be concerned. He is about to depart our office. He’ll let the Alps loose. So, this is Osman, my Osman. Where did Genghis Khan’s law come from? My Osman, who gave it to you? My Bamsi Bey, it’s hidden. Can Feda is a Turkish film with Urdu subtitles. I’m afraid I can’t disagree. Son.

Is the path kept hidden from the comrade? There are some places where your comrade cannot go, Bams Bey. Osman, my son, There was no way out when we arrived in this land. With our blood and soul, we paved the way for others. Osman,

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