Destan Episode 10 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 10 in Urdu

Destan Episode 10 in Urdu Subtitles May the banner of the magnificent prophet whose name you bear always be with you. Take this sapling, for example. This isn’t where it’ll take root and grow into a tree that reaches the sky, son. Take it and use it to unlock the locked doors. Recognizes the presence of tree soil. Ana! Alparslan. Mother. What went wrong? What exactly is this glint in my eye? You sweat. You’ve been drenched. Mother, I had a dream. Tell me what you saw in your dream, son. That’s what I noticed. During the conflict, I was stationed at Badr. Then, in front of me, a Companion emerged. He handed me a sapling and explained that the tree was aware of its surroundings. He directed me to unlock the doors that were locked. I was also jogging to the door when I awoke.

You will conquer the regions behind you!

Let’s be clear about something, son. What a fantastic autumn this has been. You have been promised a glorious victory. Come. And then there’s when you grow up to be like this sapling. As your name suggests, you will become brave. You will open doors that you could not open in your dreams, conquer the territories behind you, and give the Oghuz lineage your homeland. Son. Run, run, run! Mother. Come on, kid. Gather the children, Akay. Temurleng! Mother! The Seljuks are approaching; flee. They’re suffocating. It will also be your turn. Mother! Alparslan Mother! Subtitles in Urdu for Destan Episode 10 Please don’t abandon me, mama. Mother! Please don’t abandon me, mama. Please don’t abandon me.


I left a mark on your face that will lead me to my vengeance!

Mom, don’t abandon me. Don’t be concerned, son. We needed to prune, so we did, just like any other tree. The journey is long, but life is brief. But, if Allah wills, he may cram a thousand years’ worth of work into a single second. You transcend mythology and become the truth when you live for your country. Your heart is tender, and your arrow is always strong. I left a mark on your face that will lead me to my vengeance. It will also be your turn. Damn. Is there any terrible news to report? The Seljuks were planning an invasion of our territory. Subtitles in Urdu for Destan Episode 10 So, what are our options? Not us, but our East Asian ally.

Episode 11

It’s your decision, not ours!

Do anything to buy us time to defend ourselves against the Turkish onslaught. This name is not for the Seljuks, as you can see from my letter to your dear brother Turul. Sultan Turul is my brother, Turul, whom I am familiar with. Is the title. I believe it is in the Seljuks’ best interests to wait until the new state structure we are discussing is fully formed before announcing who the heir is. Our choice is your choice. The time has arrived for those with eyes to see. It’s your brother who’s calling. Instead of Alparslan, our Sultan is summoning me. Karaca, isn’t it a good sign that he postponed the crown prince’s appointment?

Everyone acts as though Alparslan’s crown prince is the only thing that remains to be announced.

Who is it that is working in this manner? Your mother, father, and the rest of the clan. You, too. But there is something I’ve noticed since arriving at this camp. What exactly is it? You will one day sit on the same throne as he does. You are deserving of the wood because of your mind, wrist, and heart. That was something I never doubted. Mr. S├╝leyman, is there a Destur? Come. This name was supplied to us by our Calling Bey. It was critical, he continued, that you deliver it to Sultan Turul.

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