Destan Episode 14 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 14 in Urdu

Destan Episode 14 in Urdu Subtitles Indicates that he will sit on the throne in the palace rather than in the tent’s corners. I’ll see you again, Züleyha, but my thoughts will always be with you. My Hasan, you should not be thinking about us, but about the blessed trip you will go on. You should name our child Alparslan if she is born and becomes a soldier while I’m on a mission. Like my brother, may his wrist be unbent and his sword impenetrable. I hope you will read the adhan in your ear when you return from the journey victorious. My only hope is that this separation will come to an end soon.

When you return, you wear it on your sleeve!

Züleyha, don’t you realize there is no such thing as a lover’s separation? I carry your heart and your eyes in my pupil wherever I go. Then I’ll also give you something. It was for our son that I did it. Like I do, you’ll keep it with you till you return. When you return, you wear it on your sleeve. Lord, help us to get back on our feet. Allow our families to be the earthly reflection of our Lord Jesus’ kingdom. Assist one of our ancestors in claiming the crown. Does Evdokya have the same desire as before? Subtitles in Urdu for Destan Episode 14 Oh, my sweetheart. You’ve been paying the price for your father’s blunder for years—what a hassle.


Perhaps Ani might help you reach your goal of becoming Empress!

You’d be here right now, not in Ani, wandering the streets of Constantinople, if he hadn’t hurried to usurp the rightful throne. I don’t want to walk around Constantinople’s streets. I want to own the entire Byzantine Empire. Years went by. My ears are still ringing from what you said. Wasn’t it you who said that when the time came, I’d be Empress? I was the one who said it, and I still believe it. Perhaps Ani can help you reach your goal of becoming Empress. How? Your uncle Kekavmenos, Princess Evdokya, has come to see you. Turul’s maneuver was not excellent, just as the Emperor’s warriors were about to arrive.

Episode 13

Consider your portion of the spoils of victory after triumph!

Uncle, I don’t think you need to be concerned. At least for the time being. Tell me, Evdokya, what’s on your mind. We still don’t know why the Emperor dispatched General Dukas. To see if we have a role to play in the Turkmen situation? Or to assist us? I don’t believe so, my beloved cousin. The inept nobility has arrived to address the problem and share our success completely. Consider your part of triumph after triumph, my darling cousin. What if the situation is reversed? Subtitles in Urdu for Destan Episode 14 Perhaps there are scapegoats to be found. May your horse be bold, and your sword is razor-sharp. The heart of Hazrat Ali The wrist of Hazrat Hamza May Hazrat Omar’s strength guide you. Amine.

I’m sending you a parting message from one person!

Thank you so much, Alparslan. Bro, may God bless you. I’m giving you a parting message from one individual. However, I am hoping to meet two folks. This has been entrusted to me, and God has entrusted you. The wind is still swaying those apples, so hurry up and fix them. You’ll be OK. General Konstantin Dukas, the Byzantine Emperor’s Chief Advisor. Diogenes, my Romanian adjutant. You must be the commander of the fort. Ani Tekfuru Katakalon Kekavmenos Yannis is his father. Yannis, Prince. General Dukas, welcome to Ani. And, as you mentioned, I forgot your name. Diogenes, Diogenes, Diogenes, Diogenes, Diogenes, Diogenes

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