Destan Episode 16 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 16 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 16 in Urdu Subtitles, Then it was obvious that he was naive. The seal around Maimun’s neck protects us from the Qarmatians’ secrets. It was a devilish strategy that drew them to their respective locations. They apprehended us there and massacred the oppressed when we fled. They would have slaughtered the oppressed on the way if I hadn’t been able to catch up. This is something I could live with. In the dungeon, the monkey died. Without their naves, these demons scatter. Sister, I’d be astonished if she lived. Rest confident, and we will realize that Meymun is not naive in the next stage.

Bozan is also a suspect due to other difficulties.

Alparslan, what are your thoughts on this? It’s as if he has no idea that we have taken him from Byzantium. The job of the devil is tangled. Can’t you see the arrangement that has been made for us, even in this state? I associate Bozan with the end of these works’ sentences. Bozan is also a suspect due to other difficulties. But I don’t get nearly as much as you do. What’s the source of your skepticism? The Vaspurakan Guard Commander of the Unit Diogenes Emir Bozan came to make a trade deal with these demons right where they were causing havoc in the square.


I asked him to appear before me the second time he visited.

He was in town to conduct business. As a result, Kekavmenos wants to trade with you as well. What would Alparslan do if he didn’t have to? What exactly is faith? Emir Bozan, not with you, sister. Let’s say, what kind of business is this? What’s the matter, soldier? What prompted you to close the border? The HQ is being held, hostage. Sir, until the siege, is lifted, all entrances and exits to Vaspurakan are restricted. You’re good to go. Is there anything wrong, sir? Nestor, Ibrahim Yinal’s death will not be caused by hunger; my hand will drive it. I shall be the one to put him to death. Where have you gone, Alpaugh? Sir, I was on the prowl. I was able to track it down, though.

Episode 15

We shall choke them before they strangle us.

It has come to an end. Even the despicable Turks lingered much too long. Do you intend to attack the headquarters, sir? No. Their strength will dwindle as their water and supplies dwindle. They will then have only one option for survival. That’s when you give up. Is there anything else I can do for you? Keep the castle as your home. I may require your assistance. Sir, yes, sir. Deh! Owners of truth, take note. Alparslan will be joining us with his older sister, ever. Subtitles in Urdu for Destan Episode 16 We’ll choke them before they strangle us.

Alparslan, I knew you wouldn’t harm innocent people.

He understood it was only removed for rights because members of li Selçuk had used his sword. Ali Selçuk’s sword becomes both the oppressed’s hope and the oppressor’s dread. Subtitles in Urdu for Destan Episode 16 My Sultan, please accept my greetings. Altuncan mama, welcome. One of his ancestors, Alparslan, son of your nephew Cagri Bey, is performing what he hears and observes from you. May God protect us from your shadow. With these warped occurrences in the past, my Sultan, Emir Bozan, I just assumed you were collaborating.

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