Destan Episode 17 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 17 in Urdu

Destan Episode 17 in Urdu Subtitles Everything is self-evident. Emir Karabay is operating behind the scenes of his state, which he turned over and handed to my family. This is pure treason, and I dutifully paid the treason penalty. Now, please tell me if there is a penalty for killing Karabay. Emir Karabay has deceived you and shown his hatred for us. You would have been executed, or we would have dealt with it if fasting didn’t kill. It is then our responsibility to punish them. It must be destroyed. If they told the truth, I offered to save their lives. No one can accept our word for it on the ground where we are. Now is the time to return to your land.

You’d always wanted to be the siege’s hero!

Allow them to leave as well, Ilyas. Come on, don’t show up anymore. Their plague is all of the time we waste. I’ll give you the appropriate orders for the preparations, and you’ll follow them. Remember, I’m the siege squire, and everyone else will follow my orders. I would advise you to forget about being the siege hero right now. I am the sun, and you can only shine as brightly as the light I provide. Fortunately, justice was done, and Oruç was spared from persecution. One of my sons made it through the trauma, but the issue with the other consumes me.


Let’s not add to our woes by messing with you!

Our Mary, who Allah’s unbelievers have kidnaped, please help us. Begin the siege as soon as possible and take the fortress, even if Meryem is saved. Who knows what kind of torment he is currently undergoing. You make a living because I’m your mother, your state-owned daughter. Fasting took the life of an Emir and rendered me helpless. Hüma Hatun, hasn’t your conscience ever bothered you? Is this the Hatun you were unable to fit into the sky? Is there no way out for you? Let’s not add to our woes by messing with you. You have been served with justice, and you will gladly take it. You have betrayed Allah’s cause by siding with those opposed to him.

Episode 16

That vines swung around and grabbed your throat!

What kind of soldier joins the enemy and becomes one of them? Not Emir Firuze Hatun. Has driven us out of our nation because of your irrational greed. Subtitles in Urdu for Destan Episode 17 You smashed our bread with a stone. You wanted to put my children to death by hanging them from the gallows. However, look at how the vines turned around and grabbed your neck. It turns out that justice does not come from the weak servants for whom you went out of your way; instead, it comes from the right, wouldn’t it? You turned off my stove. I’m hoping your stove goes out as well.

Episode 18

The brothers banded together and established a siege!

You’ve already found a way to swear and make things worse. You’ve tried everything to beat us, but you’ve come short. With the weight of defeat on your shoulders, get out of here. You’ll see that this fight will not end until I exact my vengeance. They were digging a route from the west side, according to my brother Khidr. From the outside, we’ll excavate a gate and get through it. We will raid and seize the castle from an unexpected location for the people of Kalymnos. We’ll also free our detainees. Mashallah, the brothers, banded together and established a siege. There’s no way. All forces stationed to the east of the headquarters will attack the eastern walls.

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