Destan Episode 18 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 18 in Urdu

Destan Episode 18 in Urdu Subtitles, As a result, the Rhodesians were effective in defending themselves. Because of your arrogance, you converted success into failure. And you lied about the misdeeds of the soldiers in front of the Sultan. In the presence of the Sultan, all you had to do was defend and watch over your friend. But, Hüseyin, I lost the viziership that day due to your betrayal. I’ve never, ever forgive you. Is it the state’s or your spouse’s or friend’s decision? In the presence of the state, only the truth is uttered. Thus I told the truth. On the other hand, the fact appears treacherous to the dishonest man.

I understand you’re on the same team as they are!

You should not stop those braves, and you should not put the lives of those captives in jeopardy. Do not, as in Rhodes, transform a victory into a defeat. You’ve already received your prize for doing your job. Hussein, I am the squire of this siege, and I shall take the lion’s share of the triumph. I shall reclaim the viziership that I had lost many years before. Now that I’ve had the opportunity, a sailor or two, I’m not going to let the mess get in the way. I understand you’re on the same team as they are. But don’t become too engrossed in my feet; I’ll also be driving your notebook. Hüseyin, you’ve thwarted me again. Let him know that I will never leave you alone. Oruç Reis, I’d want to join the trip.


You’ll be starving for days!

They’ve been tormenting me for years, and I’m ready for retaliation. How will you get hit in the castle if you haven’t used a sword in years? Is it necessary to use a pistol all at once? I brush our horses, feed them, carry their water, and do whatever for them as long as I can contribute something. The mission is challenging; you must lie down on the ground and build a pillow out of the stones. For days, you’ll be hungry. It’s nothing compared to the torment they’ve inflicted on me. Inform you of the upcoming events. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ve never encountered somebody that can make others happy like you.

Episode 17

Oruç, thank you for making my poor brother happy.

I gave them what they deserved because he deserved it. I’ve been on adventures for days, nights, hungry, thirsty, and sleepless. We can’t go back if martyrdom has already been written. Don’t say anything. Subtitles in Urdu for Destan Episode 18 You have to go through a lot of pain to overcome Kalymnos. You’ll arrive safely. We want to use this opportunity to advance our cause rather than for personal gain.

We will be blessed by martyrdom!

It is enough that our flag does not fall, even if we are martyred. We will be blessed by martyrdom. Don’t be upset or scared if we fail; instead, be proud. I wanted to share a piece of me with you simultaneously. After all, you don’t need a charred handkerchief, do you? Isn’t your heart’s fire doused as a result of your fasting? Subtitles in Urdu for Destan Episode 18 Have all ships been brought up to firing order? Admiral, they’ve made it in. Cannons are the least effective against fire. Admiral Alesta Ottoman ships appear on the horizon soon after Oruç. We’re going to make this sea hell for them, and we’re going to blockade them before we start, got it? Admiral, you’re welcome. On the bow, there are Rhodes ships. Could you give it to me?

Episode 19

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