Destan Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 19 in Urdu

Destan Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles, We can’t cope with them since they have more ships than we have. Let’s turn from the starboard side if we need to change directions. Allow our boats to continue their course towards them. Is it possible that you’ve gone insane or lost your mind? How will we deal with all of these ships? Before the assault even begins, they’ll finish us off. May you rest in peace, Pasha, as we have already put up the gadget. Is that the case, and what is the narrative we aren’t aware of? The ships’ cannons were shattered by my brother Hzr and Piri Reis. They will detonate if they fire. My brother Khidr is likewise my brother Khidr, even though he is neither this nor that.


The sea cat interacts with us in the same way a mouse interacts with it.

Do you two brothers agree to join forces and turn the state against us? Is it also a crime to contribute to our quota? Sure, but how did they come up with these bulk balls? They said that the technology they created would almost certainly function. Look at this: we travel to the ship’s top, trusting in the possibilities and the sea, right? Let it go to men like you who I can’t trust and who put my life in jeopardy. The cat in the sea will play with us like a mouse if the direction changes. We’ll go to them, believe us. If a single cannon from an enemy ship explodes and hits our boats with a single shot, you will pay the price with your life. Don’t let us down, Khidr. Come on, my lion, come on, brother.

It will be my honor to bury Oruç in the Mediterranean.

The ships are getting closer. I’m hoping the acid has taken action because the balls are broken. Otherwise, things will get a lot worse. Please, God, don’t let us look bad. Amine. It will be my honor to bury Oruç in the Mediterranean. For shooting, all ships are the least. For shooting, all ships are the least—filial Fasting and fire. Subtitles in Urdu for Destan Episode 19 This was our thought, and now it’s Oruç Aa’s turn. Come on, celesta, collect your wolves. Celesta, all ships per gun. Fire, Bismillah. What the hell is going on here?

Episode 18

They’ll capsize all of our ships.

We must retire, Admiral Salvador. If we withdraw, they will reach Kalymnos and begin the siege, which I cannot allow. They will topple all of our ships if we do not retreat. We are all going to die. It’s impossible that all of these balls have cracked by chance. Khidr, Khidr shot us with our testicles, but it wasn’t enough; your brother, Destan, Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles, also destroyed us. We shall come to terms with the fact that the war of Kalymnos will begin with you there, and the vengeance will be bitter. The Rhodesians are fleeing the country. The siege will now start.

They have sunk our ships.

Grant us the ability to save the captives and capture the castle, O Allah. Let’s proceed as quickly as possible to the location where the headquarters will be erected. We’ve made it through this experience, but more to come. Especially now that Meryem’s espionage case has surfaced. Admiral, it appears that you engaged Oruç in a tough battle. I’m curious as to how you spray them. What a splat, Pietro, they’ve sunk all of our ships. What does that imply, and why did they fall our boats? They all detonated on the ships when the cannons were fired because they were shattered.

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