Destan Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles This foe is so powerful that it casts no shadow! It’s hidden in the shadows. But I’ll track it down. I’ll track it down. Mr. Osman, please tell us how you plan to accomplish this. I’ve taken a prisoner from the assailants who assaulted Han. I’ll persuade him to speak up so that I can learn the truth. Is there anything I can do, sir? – Let’s get this party started! Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Mr. Osman, I’d want to thank you for your time. When the jerk tried to flee, he killed me. I had no choice but to kill. So, what are your thoughts? What right do you have to do it without consulting me? Mister! My Lord was referring to our defective spirits. Barkin was hurt as well. We searched the entire Söüt but were unable to locate anyone. These monsters that lit a fire in my heart will undoubtedly be buried alive! Subtitles in Urdu for Destan Episode 21

What do you think about Day? We can safely assume that he is no longer alive.

So, how will all of this help us? Kosses and Turgut will gradually distance themselves from Osman. Someone desperately wants to abandon Osman. But who is it, exactly? What is the nature of this covert pact? Sir, I was instructed to forward this information to you. You… You, of course… Who else but you could have made such a bold move? Shafi, ya. It’s my father! Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, Shafi, Shafi, Shafi, Shafi, Shafi, Shafi, Shafi Bala, Bala, Bala, Bala, Bala, Bala, Bala, Bala, Bala, Bala, Bala, Bala, Bal Hold on tight, my Sheikh! Hold on! We shall pray since there is no hope for my Lord, Bala Hatun. God’s blessings on you. Father. Please, Lord, heal my Sheikh from time to time. Father! It’s quite hot! Eat something very spicy, Auburn Abdal! I’m hoping he’ll understand. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.! Sheikh, my Sheikh. Dervish Akca. The lodge’s service should be maintained.


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Ibrahim Faki, may God bless you. You can also inform me of any shortcomings in the lodge.

Serving the household where Allah is remembered and where Allah’s friends are is a blessing to me. Of course, we’re svelte. God’s blessings on you. Every such service does not necessitate the use of gesture. No one exists. They’ve lost track of us. To our Oba, we’ve become Pusat. What are our plans for this special Day? Ayşe, we’ll get rid of the slanders hurled at us. This will, too, pass. It’s not our fault; it’ll all work out. Yes, of course. Mari, to whom did I give her? Mari has been handed to you for my tribe’s redemption. You’re the one that went to Nikola and delivered! Mr. Gunduz, be quiet! Please don’t try to hide my errors! Today is your last Day! Only I, Kisses, have the last say!

Sit with your decency for a while. When your turn comes to speak, you speak.

Saltuk! — Mr. Sir! Lets. With a single lie, you kidnapped Gündüz from Osman. In either case, Kosses Turgut will disband. What’s the last thing you’ve got? We ripped out what was inside what was in your hands. Outside help is on the way, Nikola. Umur died, according to what I’ve heard. Yes, Osman dug his own grave for Umur. Ivaz, on the other hand, I’m going to kill him on the way. Osman will take action as a result of this. It will not repeat the same error. I’ll take Kisses, who broke away from Osman, with me while you kill him. No way! No, Osman could be planning something. We’ll proceed with caution, and you won’t contact him until you’re certain Kosses and Turgut have broken up.

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Subtitles in Urdu for Destan Episode 21 by Makkitv

You were fired from your position and ridiculed. Did he focus his attention on Turgut Bey, who wielded the power of hatred and greed in him? These officials were not nailed with nails, Osman Bey. That was the price we had to pay for our blunder. I am devoid of hatred and greed, especially if you’re a lady. And a woman was carrying a child in her womb. Don’t even bring up my brother’s name! Regardless of the outcome, I’m going to murder you, Day! Kosses! Get out of here! It’s your sister who has passed away! However, he passed away in my tribe. My brother is the defendant. I made both the decision and the decision! Either you sit down, or you leave! For the time being, Osman Bey, I will remain silent. If your decision is unjust, I shall use my sword to avenge you. Subtitles in Urdu for Destan Episode 21

Mr. Gunduz, I’d want to thank you for your time. You’ve already set a precedent by surrendering Mari.

The reason for this is your rage at Turgut Bey and Kosses. The fact that these poisons are coming from your tent is proof. If you flee from Oba, it’s because you’ve admitted to committing the crime. Good morning, Mr. Day! You will talk if you say defamation. Do not fall victim to defamation! Let’s talk about it. It’s late, girl, so have a seat. Did you follow my instructions? – Selcan mama, I did it. Oh, I pray for our Sheikh’s recovery. I’ll get the herbs ready while you buy a pot. – OK. Is it for Sheikh Edebali, Selcan’s mother? I made bone broth for you, girl. I’m hoping that by adding herbs to it, our Sheikh would be able to recuperate and stand up soon.

I’ll include it. You look after Selcan’s mother, Zehra. Let’s add a few more things to it. Mashallah. – Is it sufficient? Let me check to see whether everything is in order. Oh, come on, girl. Make sure it’s on tight. Come on, raise it before it gets cold! I’ll accompany you; perhaps they require assistance. Come on, girl, you can do it. Osman Bey is a fictional character created by Osman Bey. I’ve recovered from my blunder. A Muslim cannot be bitten by the same snake twice in the same hole. In this regard, I have neither a flaw nor a speck of involvement.

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