Destan Episode 22 with Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 22 In Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 22 with Urdu Subtitles. Nikki is overjoyed to see her friends again. Alaca hugs Akkiz and inquires about Ece. Khan, according to Danis, wants to speak with Akkiz and Saltuk. The chair welcomes the visitors and shows them to their rooms. Ece learns that Khan would speak with Akkiz and inquires of Kaya about the topic of their chat. Kaya informs his mother that his father has made a significant decision about the state’s future but has not yet informed anyone.

Khan apologizes and asks that they assist the army.

While Nikki is going to argue, Khan replies it’s an order. Ece covertly records this meeting and becomes enraged. Ece returns to her room and informs Alaca of what has occurred. Alaca cuddles Ece and expresses her longing for her sister. Balsamic visits all the fields near the city with Colpan and pours lime powder there. When it rains, Balamir claims, all the fields will be ruined.


Calayir inquires about Alana’s whereabouts and sets out to find her.

Gunsel notices Alaca walking out of Ece’s chamber. Alaca claims she became disoriented in the palace. Alpine issues orders to prepare the army while also stating that the war decision should be kept secret. Saltuk’s helpers, according to Khan, will be Akkiz and Temur. Khan informs Kaya that he is in control of the treasury and requests that he purchase army supplies. Balsamic meets with a shepherd and decides to purchase his entire flock.

Mei tells Temur where the assassin who attacked Dag is hiding.

Temur initially does not believe her and questions why she did this. Mei claims she wants to aid Temur and that she won’t be able to take the throne without him. Temur appears as Akkiz tells Yaman and Sirma what happened during the conference. Temur informs the assassin that he is in the city and sets out to find him. Alaca instantly informs Ece of what she has learned.

KayiFamily Destan Episode 22

In the street, Kuzu’s soldiers attack Temur and Akkiz. Meanwhile, Kuzu goes to the house Mei informed him about but finds no one. Temur and Akkiz come inside. Saltuk goes first and captures the man who attacked Dag on behalf of Colpan. Nikki informs Batuga that she was unable to apprehend the assassin. Temur becomes enraged because he believes Mei is lying. Mei claims that what she has said is correct. Gunsel notices Kaya surreptitiously conversing with Ece in a room and begins to listen in.

Sirma claims that she cannot stay in the palace after what has occurred,

and she wishes to resume stealing with Akkiz. Nikki declares that she cannot leave Batuga and begins to mourn for her pals. Batuga soothes Akkiz and stays in the garden with her until sunrise. Khan demands that whoever committed this be apprehended right away. Ece holds Akkiz’s buddies responsible.

Alpine gives Beluga, Saltuk, and Akkiz one day to explain all the facts.

Batuga soothes Saltuk and assures Khan that he will be silent. Saltuk takes Alaca out of the room while attempting to discover something from Batuga. Kaya begins to go through all of the city’s vendors but discovers that all of the goods have already been purchased. Saltuk goes to Colpan in secret and asks her to leave the city.

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