Destan Episode 23 In Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 23 In Urdu & English Subtitles

Alpine confronts Kaya in Destan Episode 23 In Urdu Subtitles after attacking Colpan and Balamir. Kaya learns about his father’s actions and prepares to accompany him to the Western Khanate. Episode 23 of Destan Saltuk tries to save Colpan’s life and wants to transport her to the western khanate. Saltuk is stopped by Batuga, who informs her that they must transport her to another location. When the troops of Balamir see Alpagu approaching, they prepare to strike. Destan episode 23, dastan episode 23
Beluga travels to Dag to plan Colpan’s funeral. The tribe’s members are devastated by Colpan’s death. After a period of grieving, Batuga says he will avenge Colpan. Beluga claims that the Nowruz ceremonies will begin soon. Calayir begins by claiming Gunseli is pregnant for her to remain at the palace. Alpine meets with the tribal chiefs and informs them of the traitors’ fate.

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Episode 23 of Destan Gunseli sends a message to Batuga as he prepares for the event. Batuga claims that he will soon discover Akkiz’s mother’s location. Kun Ata mentions Batuga ancestry and proclaims Dag new Khan. Batuga’s appointment as Khan brings joy to the entire tribe. Batuga takes the throne and declares the Nowruz festival to begin. Balsamic mentioned something to Batuga before he died, according to Yibek. Alpine has a few inquiries for Alaca. Alaca discovers that her spouse is no longer alive, but her daughter is. Calayir summons a shaman to the palace to examine Gunseli’s condition.


Kolpan will attend a hunting event, according to Alpagu,

after they reconciled with Doug for a year. Tutkun will marry Kaya, according to Kolpan. Balamir planned a strategy to assault Hunting Holidays and notified his troops. Kun Ata noticed Khan’s wound and recommended the medicinal herbs. Because of the hunting vacation, Khan stated he couldn’t take the prescription he needed just now.
Edge then asks Kuzu to assassinate Akiz during the hunting festival; Destan Episode 23, Kircicek noticed Akkiz when he returned to his room. Balamir will attack Teginas, according to Akiz, who claims he does not claw. Kircichek faces off against Akiz but loses. Then Akiz walks to Kolpan’s room, but no one is there.

Akiz expressed his desire to hunt with Kaya and requested Khan’s permission.

Kircicek enters Gunseli’s chamber and administers poison to Tutkun. Kircicek claims he only wants to get out of the palace and seeks Gunseli’s assistance. Balamir’s army was the first to attack Akiz and Kaya. Other soldiers attack Temur. He was saved by the soldiers that Akkiz brought from Doug.

Episode 23 of Destan When Akkiz returns to the tribe, she informs Batuga that she has spoken with Mei. Akkiz begins to reveal what she has discovered about Vargi. Kuzu assassinates the wedding musicians and begs the spies to take their place. Akkiz believes Gok will assault the wedding and requests that several traps be laid in the forest.

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