Destan Episode 24 In Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitles By Makkitvs

In Destan Episode 24 with Urdu Subtitles, Batuga cuts the ropes in his hand and attacks Obar, but the soldiers stop him. Except for Batuga, Obar orders everyone out of the cave. Batuga claims to be unafraid of death. To torment Batuga, Obar’s soldiers fastened stones to his arms. Yaman discovers the cave opening and continues his quest for Akkiz. Colpan intervenes just before Obar’s troops are ready to murder Akkiz.

Soon after, Akkiz enters another cave and discovers Batuga. Batuga tries to stop Akkiz, but the troops cover his mouth, so he can’t say anything. When Akkiz falls into the trap, the poison arrow pierces her arm. Before Batuga passes out from the poison, Akkiz untangles the rope in her hands. Batuga attempts to extract the poison from Akkiz’s body. Batuga then drags Akkiz out of the cave, pleading with her not to perish.


Obar travels to the western khanate and demands everyone pledge loyalty to him.

Some Turks are opposed to Obar and refuse to believe in his faith. Batuga and Yaman quickly set off to take Akkiz to the woodland healer. Batuga is attacked by Obar’s men, who kill Tilbe. Colpan is heartbroken by her friend’s death, but she continues to walk to save Akkiz’s life. Kaya writes Russia and China a letter.

Vera writes a letter to her father to prevent Kaya from receiving assistance from Russia. Obar claims he needs Barak’s crown to declare himself the new Khan and enlists the help of a magician to locate it. Obar then dispatches his troops into the woods to seize the crown. The healer woman emerges from her tent and announces that she awaits Batuga’s arrival. After expressing her sympathies to Colpan, this woman begins to cure Akkiz.

KayiFamily Destan Episode 24

Temur and Saltuk kill Obar’s men. Obar unlocks the chest his warriors brought, but the crown of Barak is missing. Before everyone else, Kaya captures Barak’s crown and conceals it somewhere in the palace. Kaya claims that he will be able to govern Obar by doing so. The healer claims that Obar’s missing crown is in the court. Gunsel keeps her pregnancy a secret from her husband and seeks Calayir for some medicinal plants to help her conceive quickly.

No one will recognise Kaya as the new Khan, according to Vera.

Obar summons Alpagu to his tent and inquires about Barak’s crown. Akkiz notices Kaya’s troops transporting Alaca to Russian territory and attacks them on his way to the palace. To save her life, Alaca fights Akkiz. In the forest, Akkiz executes Alaca. Vera’s jewels are taken by Calayir and Yibek, who tells her that she will henceforth live with the servants. Akkiz reaches the city with her buddies and enters the secret tunnel leading to the palace.

Yibek notices Calayir’s herbal drink and concludes that Gunseli is not pregnant.

Akkiz infiltrates Kaya’s chamber and begins searching for Barak’s crown. With the command from Kaya, Kuzu starts measures to assassinate Akkiz. Vera summons Yibek to her room and threatens to murder her. Yibek begs Vera to preserve her life and informs her that Gunseli is not expecting a child. Vera thanks Yibek for the information and stabs him. Vera then goes into Gunseli’s room and tells her that she is fully informed.

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