Destan Season 1 Episode 25 With Urdu Subtitles

Destan Season 1 Episode 25 Urdu Subtitles by Makkitvs

Destan Season 1 Episode 25 With Urdu Subtitles. The auctioneer would call the women up, beginning with the most attractive, and sell them for marriage. When the first young woman was sold, he would begin selling the second most beautiful girl, and all the wealthy men would compete to outbid one other for the most beautiful girls.

The gold gained from the sale of attractive women was used to pay for the dowries of the unattractive.

It was usual to return the gold if the pair did not get along, and any male of marriageable age might buy a woman — even if she came from another village. The Egyptian practices surrounding animals pique Herodotus’ interest.

There is a distinct caretaker for each animal in Egypt; they may be male or female, and their offspring would grow up learning to care for the same sort of animal. If someone killed an animal on purpose, the penalty was death; if it was an accident, the priests might apply whatever sentence they deemed was appropriate.


In ancient Egypt, there were many domestic cats, and according to Herodotus,

if there were ever a fire, the adjacent cats would be overcome by a divine seizure. The Egyptians had to stand at intervals to keep the cat safe, but if the fire continued to burn, the cats would leap past them and race into the flames, leaving the Egyptians in agony. If you lived with a cat and it died of natural causes, everyone in the house would shave off their brows.

Destan Season 1 Episode 25 In Urdu Subtitles

You would, however, shave your entire body and head if a dog died. According to Herodotus, many creatures lived in Egypt, although it’s apparent that he never saw some of them. He describes a hippopotamus as having “four feet with cloven hooves like an ox, a blunt snout, a mane like a horse, noticeable tusks, and a horse’s tail.” It makes a neighing noise. It’s arguably one of Herodotus’ most renowned stories from his “Stories”;

However, if a woman was ill, the woman closest to her was slain. It was a shock when someone reached old age, which didn’t seem to happen very often. They were sacrificed and feasted upon. The Indians, in stark contrast to the Padaei, do not eat any living things and only eat grasses.

Other tribes of Indians live on the outskirts of Caspatyrus and in Pactyica’s land.

These Indians had a lifestyle similar to that of the Bactrians, and they were the most warlike, going out to gather gold in the barren desert. These enormous ants, bigger than foxes but smaller than dogs, live in this desert. Like the ants in Greece, these ants pile up the sand and live underground, but there is gold in the sand in these mounds, so the Indians ride their camels and collect the sand.

Marmots are possum-sized burrowing rodents with short legs,

and their ancient Persian name for them is mountain mouse ant,’ so possibly this story of gold-digging ants was based on fact. Still, a translation error along the line turned these mountain mouse ants into actual giant ants.

This includes the Agathyrsoi, whose males wear a great quantity of gold and share their women for intercourse; this is so that they can all be brothers, eliminating hatred and envy. There are also Nigerians who have the potential to be sorcerers. Why does Herodotus recommend it? Well, it appears that once a year, one of the neurons transforms into a wolf for a few days before reverting to his original form.

The man-eaters, savages who live as nomads,

speak their strange language and consume human flesh according to their name. When we arrive in Libya, Herodotus takes the time to introduce us to the Gindanes, Lotus-Eaters, and Garamantes. On the other hand, the Lotus-Eaters do exactly what they sound like they do: they exist completely off of chewing the lotus fruit and making wine from it. Finally, the Garamantes’ life is only a 30-day voyage away from the Lotus-Eaters. They prey on Ethiopian cave dwellers, devour snakes, lizards, and other reptiles, and speak in a strange language that sounds like shrieking bats.

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