Destan Episode 26 In Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 26 In Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 26 In Urdu Subtitles. Alpagu slowly opens his eyes in Destan Episode 26 and sees that something is awry in the palace. Alpagu then exits his room and walks down the corridor, where he notices the sleeping soldiers. Akkiz and Batuga begin to discuss their new lives. Beluga expresses his delight at being with Nikki. Akkiz has stated that she wishes to inform everyone about her marriage. Beluga claims that he would inform everyone in the palace of the good news at a convenient time. Alpagu enters Temur’s room, attempting to awaken his son. Mei awakens and attempts to figure out what is happening. Temur is startled awake when he hears his father’s voice and inquires about what happened in the palace. Gunseli is attempting to wake Kaya when Alpagu appears. Kaya, according to Gunseli, is no longer alive.


Alpagu succeeds in reawakening Kaya by calming Gunseli.

Gunseli discovers that her spouse is still alive and bursts into tears of joy. Obar’s spy returns to the western khanate and reports that Barak’s crown has not been located. Alpagu, Kaya, and Temur were poisoned, according to the spy. Obar inquires about Batuga and Akkiz’s whereabouts. According to the spy, Batuga took the crown to a hidden location in the forest. Obar becomes enraged, but he relaxes when he finds that Saltuk is dead.
Meanwhile, Obar receives a message from Barak’s granddaughter Sayina. When Obar discovers that Sayina is on her way, he devises a plot to use the crown to keep her under his control.

Colpan asks Alpagu for permission to organize a funeral for Saltuk, and Alpagu agrees.

Alpagu declares he will name a new commander for his troops in the morning. Beluga notices three bandits on the way back to the palace with Akkiz. Akkiz decides to pursue the bandits. Alpagu gives a speech to his army’s soldiers, announcing Temur as the new commander. Temur accepts his father’s new assignment and declares that he will do everything for the army. The bandits take a break somewhere in the woods. When Akkiz finds the robbers are Obar’s soldiers, he attacks them to free the captive women. Colpan travels to a location in the forest where she and Saltuk had previously spoken and requests that he be buried there. Yaman buries Saltuk’s sword and goods. Destan Episode 26 In Urdu Subtitles by Makkitv

Colpan breaks down in tears and prays for Saltuk.

The bandits are killed, and Akkiz saves the women. Akkiz recognizes the women as Muslims and declares that they are now free. They were taken to Sayina, according to one of the women. According to Akkiz, these women are safe in the city. As he declares that they will attack Obar’s forces soon, Alpagu coughs. The wounds on Alpagu’s neck alert Kam that he has been poisoned. Obar claims that he poisoned Alpagu with a bug created specifically for Itbaraks and that he will bring the crown soon. According to Kam, developing an antidote to this poison is extremely tough. Alpagu reassures everyone by saying he has a plan. Kam advises him that the only way to get rid of the poison is to use a tree that only Itbarak knows about. Alpagu declares that he will not hand over the throne to Obar.

Sayina is about to chat with Obar when Akkiz interrupts her.

Obar is enraged when he finds that the enslaved people have escaped. Vera tries to persuade Alpagu to give the crown to Obar, but he refuses. Later, Akkiz and Batuga go to Saltuk’s tomb. Akkiz declares that she will avenge Saltuk no matter what, and she proceeds to tell Colpan about her plot. The troops transporting Sayina to Obar are subsequently attacked by Akkiz, who takes the princess. Gunseli Kaya claims she will depart the palace once he has recovered. Kaya expresses his love for Gunseli and invites her to remain in the palace. Nikki’s spy disguises herself as Sayina and approaches Obar. Obar claims he will soon take the throne and rule over all Itbaraks. She is saying claims that she does not trust Obar. The Russian ambassador arrives shortly after to speak with Obar.

The ambassador informs the ambassador that the Russian

princess will shortly marry Obar and that the crown is in his possession. Obar gathers virtually all of his warriors and prepares to capture the throne. Alpine speaks with his sons and informs them of all he has done so far for them. Obar and his warriors arrive at Kam’s tent and search for the crown. The shamans start a ceremony in the palace. Alpagu begins talking to his sons to keep them awake. Beluga continues to prepare for the attack with the soldiers next to him, and the Itbaraks arrive. Obar’s soldiers are unable to locate the crown. Obar discovers Kam’s message and learns that she smashed the crown. A soldier discovers several fragments of the crown. Obar declares that he will exact vengeance on Alpagu and orders his warriors to attack the palace. Under the pretext of prisoners, Akkiz and spies infiltrate the western khanate. Destan Episode 26 In Urdu Subtitles by Giveme5

When one of the soldiers sees Akkiz, he attacks him.

Batuga attacks the soldiers who have gone to assist Obar. Akkiz locates a hidden tree in the wilderness and harvests the resin required for the antidote. Temur falls asleep slowly and begins to repeat Tutkun’s name. Alpagu attempts to reawaken his boys. Kam continues the procedure, but she says she is running out of time. Temur recalls his time with Tutkun and declares that he will see her again in heaven. Batuga travels to Akkiz after slaying Itbaraks. Akkiz declares that they must get to the palace as soon as possible and departs. On his way to the palace, Obar comes upon Akkiz and stops her. Obar orders his entire army to assault the Turks. Obar, according to Akkiz, came to this earth to lose.

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