Destan Episode 27 In Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 27 In Urdu Subtitles by Makkitvs

Destan Episode 27 In Urdu Subtitles is now playing. The Destan Series, which is expected to premiere soon, has an energetic cast and theme. The highly awaited trailer for the epic series has arrived. “I’m the young girl of Dag, Akkiz!” exclaims Ebru Sahin’s character Akkiz in the major mystery for ‘Destan.’ I’ve progressed to providing some support to those who don’t have any.


I’ve made it into a means for those who don’t have any. I’ve come to bring peace, free the enslaved person, and write my epic on the mountain to the sky.” The Destan Turkish Series tells the brave story of Akkiz, a mountain soldier stranded by Gök Khan Korkut Han. In the number one place, Ebru Sahin and Edip Tepeli star. The mythical warrior mountain girl Akkiz, orphaned by Gök Khan Korkut Khan on the harsh Central Asian steppes, and Gök Tegini Batuga, orphaned by Korkut Khan at the Gök Palace during the Gokturk Khaganate.

Destan Episode 27 In Urdu Subtitles by Makkitv

They are aware of our alliance. They both leave the area. Vera appears and sings, “How are you here?” She says, “I want to talk to you.” Kaya responds, “Congratulations,” but Vera explains, “I have not become a parent.” After all, you are my son, and I am your mother, whatever you are—episode 27 of Destan.

Destan Episode 27 In Urdu Subtitles by

You have the right to state your intentions. She claims that if Batuga succeeds in gaining the throne, he will kill us both, so we must stick together as we search through the forests and mountains. They arrive at Khan’s tent and begin going towards it. He’s sitting in front of the table outside—subtitles in Urdu for Destan Episode 27.

Destan Episode 27 With Urdu Subtitles by Mubitv

Although there was blood and no other source, how could a shaman send a message to another shaman so that she could inform them before they left? The stain of his knowledge begins to fall on them as soon as he sees them. They do, however, return to the plot. Finally, when you are here, Aqeez Barak Khan says now, and Al-Sarigan Khan adds Taj will astound Aqeez. Subtitles in Urdu for Destan Episode 27.

When Aqeeq hands the crown over to Al-Sargeen Khan, she tells him that the concealed crown will not protect Gok and the stain, but only your allegiance will if Gok appears at the palace’s door at night in the disguise of a Chinese messenger. The dogs keep appearing and telling us that we must see Alpako Khan.

Makkitvs’ Destan Episode 27

China has sent us a message. First, the guard says, we’ll look at what’s written in the message. They are knocked out when he tosses it. They then enter by opening the door. They apply medicine to their garments and use the solution to cover their faces. He pulls out his seventh sword and begins to go forward. Subtitles in Urdu for Destan Episode 27.

Destan Episode 27 Urdu Subtitles

Yin kills more troops. Sato accepts it and takes a seat. Sato, on the other hand, passes out or dies. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Chol Pan’s shouts can be heard from a long distance. Al-Sargan Khan, on the other hand, advises Batogha and Aqeez that their kingdom would be substantial if they stayed unified. She then knots each one individually. Subtitles in Urdu for Destan.

People who are confined to their rooms. Then they say, “Stay together with one another.” So Aqeez and Batogha are standing in the final moment. Sargan Khan is also keeping an eye on them. Karma claims to have discovered the door, but Cholapan counters that he understands how difficult he is, so let’s find him first and then depart.

Destan Episode 27 In Urdu

Beluga, on the other hand, strikes Ibar with a dagger and injures him, but he still overcomes him and seizes his ferocious dog, which he tries to kill with a sword, but Ubar stops him. “These are brave individuals,” he continues. They won’t go down without a fight.” “Do not attempt to terrify us,” he urges. Even the tallest mountains will not be able to stop us. You can’t use death to scare us.

And Alpago Khan tells you to take the rest of the people. I’ll kill you with my own hands if you do anything to Batuga. We can’t say anything since these are barking dogs. Serma asks, “How are you going to kill these dogs without us?” and then goes hunting with an arrow. When a dog bolts, Aqees declares that this will lead us to Khan. They are following him, but the others are not.

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