Destan Episode 3 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 3 in Urdu

Destan Episode 3 in Urdu Subtitles, You’ll be against Osman Bey if you deal with us. When was Osman Bey with me so that I wouldn’t betray him? You are now accountable for the safety of our caravans. They’ll use your land and be responsible to you. And, because we’re in a tight spot, we’ll be more charitable than you may imagine. Kosses, the success of our deal hinges on your generosity. Half of whatever we receive from each caravan that arrives safely is yours. Offer that is reasonable. In any case, I wouldn’t accept anything less. I’m going to take this as a yes. Destan Episode 3 in Urdu Subtitles by makkitv

Lord Aya Nikola and the Catalans planned an ambush!

Together, we’ll be more substantial. I’m delighted we agreed. If you work with me, Kosses, I’m a good man. Just don’t hold a grudge against me. After that, best of luck to everyone. I sincerely hope so. Nikola. Osman Bey, thank you for coming. I was aware of your impending visit. Thank you very much. Thank you, but we were planning on meeting with Governor Manuel. But, in this case, how is your situation? In Urdu, Destan Episode 3, They attempted to block our path with a stone. However, we demonstrated that the mountain does not bend for a rock. Lord Aya Nikola and the Catalans planned an ambush.

When I checked the city’s treasure, I discovered it was empty!

Even though they were aware of your visit to Nikea? How could they do that? The Lords’ animosity is well-known. However, it is your responsibility to keep the roadways safe. On the other hand, they committed a mistake by fighting against us. We eradicated the Catalans. Your path is now clear. I don’t believe you came here to clean Nikea’s roads. In Urdu, Destan Episode 3, I haven’t let any caravans access your territories since Manuel, and the Lords breached the agreement. When I checked the city’s treasure, I discovered it was empty. He did everything he could to keep his people from becoming hungry.


For Turks, war is a party, we say!

You must see clearly, not against me, but beside me. Don’t make Manuel’s mistakes. Osman Bey, you can do it. A man who has recently received a rank should prioritise pleasing his people. Otherwise, his reign will not be legitimate. Are you trying to scare me? I’m telling it like it is. Your seat is contingent on the deal you strike with me. Otherwise, I will continue to raid your caravans. For Turks, war is a festivity. When you’re with your wife, my castle is full of troops chatting proudly like that. For Turks, the battle is a feast, as we say. For a regular soldier, no. Hatun has no distinguishing characteristics from an Alp. We have no fear. You are correct in what you mentioned. So, what do you have to offer? I’ll double whatever you make from your transaction with the Lords.

Episode 4

Until our horses get exhausted, we’ll be with Osman Bey!

We had a difficult journey ahead of us. Our gifts were all squandered. Here’s where you can watch Episode 2: That’s why I’d like to give it to you as a token of our agreement. All of Iznik’s requirements will be met by the Kayi tribe. I’ll personally guard the caravans. You should be aware of this. Bring the clerk with you. We’ll work something out with Osman Bey. Gencebey, have a look at it. You visited your homeland and saw your family. Then they came here from Karabakh to battle. Do you have no idea what it means to be tired? Cerkutay, Eyvallah. Now I’m looking at my brothers. Fighting with my Bey was something I missed. Until our horse’s tyre, we’ll stay with Osman Bey. Eyvallah. Osman. It’s over now, as I said. This time, I said it was over.

Then he appeared and engaged in combat with me!

Then it happened again. He was able to flee. How was he going to get away?! Nikola, tell me! How did he survive among all those soldiers after that ambush? Please tell me! Kosses, I severely wounded him. Yeah. I promised I wouldn’t return until he was dead. And I didn’t come back. For a day, I pursued him. Then he appeared and engaged in combat with me. That man is not going to die. Don’t perish! Doesn’t. He’s not going to die! Nikola! We considered that idea. His loved ones and his family’s funeral will be waiting for him when he arrives. I swore a solemn oath. I swore I’d inflict the same misery on him. He’ll suffer the same agony. Destan Episode 2

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