Destan Episode 4 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 4 in Urdu

In Urdu, Destan Episode 4 Get to your feet! Raynar is eagerly awaiting your arrival below. Ulrich is nowhere to be seen in his room. He had his phone with him as well. What exactly do you mean? Is his automobile here if you look outside? What’s going on? Marcus, what is this blood? I’m not sure. What kind of blood is that? I’m also curious about it. What happened to Ulrich? What happened to Ulrich? He was the last one to go to his room. As a result, I went to sleep in my room. Nothing caught my eye. This is where I leaked. Ulrich, look everywhere for me. Quickly. Whoever is concealing something will be exposed soon. If you want to know who did it, tell me before I find out. Raynar, I’m leaving because I’m sick of being treated like a criminal.

There are traitors all over the place!

What’s your name? Rayner’s bullshit has no bearing on me. Are you a real estate agent? As I already stated, I am an Austrian. Cut it out! You assassinated Ulrich, and now I’m going to assassinate you. Stop becoming a traitor. He impersonated one of us and disclosed information. Everyone should use caution. This is what will happen if you make even the tiniest error. Sorry, we made a mistake. It’s unimportant. I assumed you were the tough man at first, but. No, you made the correct decision. You have every reason to be wary. In Urdu, Destan Episode 4, There are traitors in every corner of the world. Now get some rest.


As refugees, they crossed the nation!

Tomorrow I have a lot of work to do with you. A lot is going on. Yes. I’m going to need you a lot. Everything will be shown to you. Now get some rest. You also clean everywhere. In the morning, this will be spotless. What is the state of affairs in Uzay? We figured out the addresses based on Serdar’s phone number. They’re in the vicinity of Berlin. Here is their contact information. What about these passports’ pictures? Have any IDs been discovered? President, you are correct. They entered the nation as refugees six months ago through the Yaylada border crossing. Then? They then spent four years in the Bohşin refugee camp. They are both Syrian citizens.

Episode 5

What we need to do is find these guys!

Screen Yasir and Ebu Musaf Heysef are their names. There is no record of their first appearance. We believe they fled the country without permission. According to the intelligence I’ve obtained, the likelihood of being a member of a radical terrorist organization is very high. Possibilities are a waste of time, Uzay. We’re running out of time. President, we’re hard at work. Gürcan works as well, as does my President. Are you certain? It didn’t appear to be operating very effectively. My President, I am delighted to be here with you. There is no system that a guy can’t deconstruct. So, what is he up to now, for instance?

The man is a true conjurer!

It searches German databases for names and passport photographs. You can watch Destan Episode 3: Border crossings, refugee camps, motels, and even forensic reports are all part of the picture. The man is a true conjurer. It is, indeed, a magician. So keep an eye out for it. Don’t let the fact that he’s my son mislead you. Mayor, perhaps. What went wrong? How are they doing? Yes, Destan Episode 4 is available in Urdu.

Destan Episode 3 in Urdu Subtitles

They were using a phony passport to get into the hotel, which I discovered. Lichtenberg, Berlin. There’s more to come. They both sleep in the same room—the four-digit number 402. You’re a complete conjurer. You even figured out what room you were in. You, too, don’t exaggerate. I know fifteen-year-old kids who can use their iPhones to log into a three-star hotel system. Come on, and we’re getting ready to leave. Where? Regards, father. As a result, to provide information to the President. You contribute. Are you certain? I am certain. Who discovered this? President, Gürcan has found it. Beautiful.

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