Destan Episode 5 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 5 in Urdu

Destan Episode 5 in Urdu Subtitles, I am a descendent of the Turkic Oghuz clan Kink, patron of the oppressed. Sultan Tugrul and the ruler of Khorasan, his nephew Cagri Bey’s son, whose wrist is not bent, Muhammed Alparslan’s full name is Muhammed Alparslan. I’m a warrior of equal ancestry on the battlefield. I want a brave soldier to engage in one-on-one combat. EsSultanü’IMuazzam. ehinşah His. Emirül Celil Excellency Turul Bey, Sultan! Sultan, you are most welcome. Lady, we had a great time. I hope you find it enjoyable. My Sultan, we wish you good health. Allow the Has Divan to assemble quickly. Today is the day; our heir apparent must be declared.

In your mind’s eye, what do you see?

My Sultan, you are most welcome. Best of luck to the brave. A moment of applause for dear Cagri Bey’s boys. The Seljuk lions have done an excellent job. Best of luck to the Kink valiants. Who do you think will win the root ball, Hasan? Solomon? Or how about Alparslan? Mr ar, they’re both in your blood. You gave them both their abilities. However, what the eye sees and what the mind perceives is also what the eye sees. In your mind’s eye, what do you see? Also, let it be known that you witnessed it. Solomon has the exceptional technique and a strong wrist. But, my Lord, Alparslan is different. It’s similar to your youth and our Sultan Tugrul Bey’s youth. He has gathered both of you in his head, heart, and wrist.

My wish is for there to be no animosity between father and son!

You made a good point. Your language is as deft as Alparslan’s wrist. Estagfurullah. What do you believe of my wife Turul Bey’s plan to announce Akbilge as the heir? Our necks are as thin as a hair in the heir, whom you have consulted and decided together. But I’m not sure if it’s the right time to make the announcement. I aim to avoid animosity between parent and son or brother and sister. I sincerely hope so, Akbilge. Süleyman. It was inadvertent, so please accept my apologies. It’s a game, after all. Next time, hopefully. I’m not sure if you’ll have such excellent luck the next time, Alparslan. Sir. Sir. I’m ok. My sons’ wrists are solid iron, and their hearts are black lions. Süleyman, Alparslan

Episode 6

Who will be a shareholder in our state in the future?

You are my pride and joy. May my all-powerful God grant you whatever you desire. Amen! Watch Episode 4 here. In Urdu, Destan Episode 4, Mr Amen, may my Lord not abandon you! Allow the flames to burn, the food to disperse, the wishes to be made, and the earth to awaken. Allow Nowruz to proceed. My. You are all aware that everyone is mortal, Vizier, my orders, my lords. Who will be a shareholder in our state in the future? We will undoubtedly return to God when the time is up. Because of this,

We decided to announce our heir to the throne of the state!

Sultan Muhammed Tugrul, son of Mikail, is the Sultan of the Seljuk State. In Urdu, Destan Episode 5 So that no one would foment turmoil in the state after us, we resolved to proclaim our heir to the state. Make sure everyone knows about, hears about, and even obeys our crown prince. According to my Sultan, the Byzantine infidels raided our Turkmen tribes on the border. He slaughtered everyone, young and old, women and children, in a ruthless manner. What are your thoughts, Haci? Go! Please bring it here. What’s the matter, Yannis? Who are these barbarians? My. The ringleaders who incited the Turkmen people in Vaspurakan to turn against us, father. This is Ani, Prince Cortuanel. Aren’t you the one who has to bring them all into line as governor of Vaspurakan?

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