Destan Episode 7 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 7 in Urdu

His wrist is stiff, and his heart is hard in Destan Episode 7 with Urdu Subtitles. It is, however, impulsive. Of course, it’s due to his origins. Sultanate necessitates restraint. He will be your frontier guard when you become Sultan. Ar Bey, just like Turul Bey’s wrist. That’s when his talent with the root bean will come in handy. The Turkmen who have settled near our borders. St. Kekavmenos, who reached our Emperor’s ears. A few rogues are harassing our lands. What should we do with them, and how should we handle them? Yannis just did a great job at demonstrating it.

In Constantinople, we had several meetings with General Constantine!

Uncle, I believe the Emperor believes the matter is more serious. He was dispatching two of his most trusted soldiers. Ani will put a stop to the Turkmen problem. Allow them to send. Allow them to see for themselves that there is no exaggeration so that our great monarch can rest easy. So, dad, who are these people? General Konstantin Dukas is one of our Emperor’s favorites. He was flanked by a young officer who was well-versed in the area. Uncle, we had a couple of meetings with General Constantine in Constantinople. I recall this. Do you suppose Dukas is still aware that Turkmen congregate towards our borders from the East?


The number of soldiers isn’t the only metric to use!

Mr. Tekfur, what’s up? Do you believe you have enough soldiers to deal with these Turkmen if they invade our borders, especially if the Seljuks intervene? The number of soldiers cannot be used to gauge anything. On the battlefield, solid intelligence can make even an outnumbered army superior. Against the Seljuks, we are working along with him. He will inform us of every step they take, Destan Episode 7 with Urdu Subtitles. We’ll always be one step ahead if we do it this way.

Mesut is far too young to be king!

Tell me, my ever, he has a thousand and one anxious expression on his face. What exactly do you mean? Father, Sultan Mevdud’s state is not his state. Even though he is concealed from the public eye, his health deteriorates daily. What will happen if the Eir order comes true is something that concerns me. Don’t worry, sister; we’ve got your back. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, man. If the time comes, my lovely girl, we will consider it and do whatever it takes. Sister, my father is correct. No one can hurt the hair of your or my nephew as long as we exist.

Episode 8

He was the most heir-to-the-throne solid contender!

Don’t be concerned. Isn’t that the case, Solomon? Our Lord has directed it will be examined when the time comes. Why am I paying the total price, bro? Every Hatun went out of this dirty camp and married the Sultan of Ghazni while he was taking a girl for peace.
On the other hand, I married an obedient Seljuk king’s wife. Cagri Bey, the Seljuk monarch, considers him to be his favorite son. Perhaps he is the heir who will be named soon. Brother, I don’t believe so.

The oppressor shall be treated with no mercy!

Even in the regions of the infidels, Alparslan’s name was known. Furthermore, both Sultan Tugrul and Cagri Bey have a significant role. Alparslan. My Lord, I brought the edict of our Sultan. Please read it digitally. Turul Bey, the Seljuk Sultan, to ar Bey, the Khorasan king. The tekfur and rulers of the Byzantine geyser cruelly massacred our Turkmens on our frontier. Following the state’s religion and Turkish customs, the oppressor will show no mercy. Raids will be carried out over Anatolia to provide the required response to the infidels. Episode 6

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