Destan Episode 8 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 8 in Urdu

Destan Episode 8 in Urdu Subtitles I hope you had a good time at your meal. Let’s do it more often, but I don’t believe my wish will ever be realized. You are correct in stating that this is where we will meet again on the battlefield. That’s when you back away from your commitment. It’s beautiful to see you again, my lovely Evdokya. Are you all right? Uncle, I’m alright. They did a fantastic job hosting me. Regarding the Turks, you were correct. Then let’s gather the signatures. With delight, Are you all right, Mister? Are you all right, sir? Sir! Are you all right, Alparslan? Are you all right, Mister? Sir, what do you have? Come on, sir, and you can do it. So, what exactly is going on here? Okay.

The land on which you were martyred is now Turkish territory!

General. Uncle. Uncle. Help. Uncle, uncle, uncle. Take some of the poison from the cabinet so he doesn’t realize it’s running out. Take the natural antidote as well. Instead, fill the container with water. Alparslan will not be the only one poisoned if you succeed. Alpaugh, please. Did you get it when they arrived? My beloved, the location where you were martyred is now Turkish soil. The oppressor’s end is approaching, shedding your blood and ripping me from you. Bless your heart and soul. Help. Uncle, uncle, uncle Uncle, I’m sorry. Antidote, antidote, antidote, antidote, antidote Uncle, uncle, uncle What’s going on? Uncle, what’s the matter? It’s just water, after all. Uncle, uncle, uncle, Is this something you want? Uncle, uncle, uncle, Is this something you like?


I’m putting the Emperor’s authority to good use!

Please hand it on to me. Now, Tekfur Kekavmenos, don’t bring up my real terms or your son; it’s time to meet Yannis. Please, please, First and foremost, you will provide me with what I desire. Enough! You don’t expect me to behave, do you? You heard what my lord said, didn’t you? We are willing to accept. Okay, we’ll take it. We’ll take the deal. There isn’t going to be a deal. Tekfur must be removed from the ground. We make our way back to the castle. Dukas, without the antidote, we’re not going anywhere. My uncle is dying, so what do you say, General? I’m exercising the authority that the Emperor has bestowed upon me. Until Tekfur is healed, I have complete control. We’ll come up with another plan—a non-agreement-based solution.

Episode 9

You’ll only find that solution in the palm of my hand!

There isn’t any other choice! Carry Tekfur to the vehicle. Provide it with. Please hand it on to me. You will never be able to achieve your goals. We’ll have to wait and see. We’re leaving. Princess. General, the only solution you’ll find is in the palm of my hand. He will not return without vengeance. You are harsh to Akça, according to Karaca. He’s already been linked to my brother by my parents. We would spread buttermilk here for his youngsters if he didn’t mention my heart is whole. Because they don’t know you’re a traitor, they’ve given our wife, Bey Alparslan. Subtitles in Urdu for Destan Episode 8 However, when the reality is revealed, people will occasionally ascribe Akça Hatun to the thin tree. Thank you very lot, Aknay mum.

Now you must tell Alparslan Bey about this secret!

Of course, thank you. What if the person who saw you with these in your hands and apprehended you wasn’t me? Consider that for a moment. Don’t let your guard down, Akca girl. Okay, mama, you have the right. Karaca is already following me around like a shadow. I’m here today, not tomorrow, like everyone else. Allow your mother’s mouth to blow the wind. Now you have to inform Alparslan Bey about this secret. Subtitles in Urdu for Destan Episode 8 Is this a term for the guy part? Please say oh, my mother? What if he doesn’t trust me and suspects me of being a traitor? Episode 7

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