Destan Episode 9 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 9 in Urdu

Destan Episode 9 in Urdu Subtitles The crown proclamation was postponed until after the Anatolian incursions because of this significant matter. I decree that all dynasty members whose names will be mentioned in connection with the Anatolian raids immediately report to Rey’s capital city. Hasan Musa Yabgu oglu Musa Yabgu oglu Musa Yabgu oglu Musa Ya Yusuf Yinal’s son Erbaskan. Cagri Bey’s son, too. Suleyman. My Sultan, did you order Alparslan? Kunduri, you heard correctly. You’re also aware that Alparslan has been anticipating this moment for a long time. This time, he has the upper hand. I believe that keeping a fearless man like my Sultan Alparslan would be better for the state’s well-being.

Someone with a strong wrist might be better suited for it!

Who is our pillar in the East in preparation for a devious onslaught on our eastern border? As a result, instead of him. S├╝leyman would be better off joining the army that is going on an expedition, in my opinion. What are your thoughts, Hace? My Sultan, I urge you to consider your decision carefully. This was done without any questions being asked. It would be ideal for someone with a solid wrist to stay in Merv to keep our backs firm. Then it’s up to me. My nephew Alparslan will remain in Merv to assist Ari Bey in defense of the ark. Everything that occurs in nature also occurs in humans. We shed leaves as well. Subtitles in Urdu for Destan Episode 9 We have storms too.


Every night we call him Kadir, and we call him Nowruz every day!

We blossom where we thought we had perished. Nowruz marks the transition from winter’s nights to spring’s brilliant dawn. It is happiness, hope, and plenty. Gaza is in a good mood. Thanks. May God bless our Gaza. May God bless our Gaza. Happily. Our guild produces Seljuk variations who fearlessly battle on the front lines.

Episode 8

The anguish left an indelible mark on all of our hearts!

May Allah reward you for your efforts. Amen. Alparslan. Don’t waste your time. Of course, you will one-day fight infidels in Anatolia with a sword. Ana, your suffering has honed your skills as the best archer in the universe, son. You understand how vital the Anatolian raids are to me, Aknay mum. Years passed, yet my fire remained unquenched. Is it just me who thinks this way? My father, my father, you, and the Kinik tribe. The anguish left an indelible mark on all of our hearts. Patience has become our most trusted companion. Alparslan, don’t bother.

Episode 10

This sapling was on its way to you!

So much so that what you dreamed about that day will soon become a reality. Don’t go, don’t go, don’t go, don’t go, don’t go, don’ What’s your name? What would you do with this sapling if you had it? I am one of the Blessed Nebi’s Companions, one of the standard-bearers. This sapling was what I was bringing you. What about me? Do you have any idea who I am? I know who you are, but do you know who I am? Of course, I understand; after all, doesn’t everyone know who they are? He who knows finds, and he who knows finds. It will be discovered. I’m Muhammed Alparslan, aar Bey’s son. Muhammad Alparslan is aware that you have arrived in Badr, where the Islamic sword was first struck like a seal.

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