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Filinta Mustafa Episode 12 In Urdu Subtitle

Filinta Mustafa Episode 12 In Urdu Subtitle by Makkitv

Filinta Mustafa Episode 12 In Urdu Subtitle Our monarch has written a letter to you, Sir. I’ve been invited to Iznik by the Emperor to speak with his son Mikayil. Why? I’m going to find out what my fate is. Osman Bey, we performed a great job. According to Sultan Mesut’s letter, the governor will deliver the gold to Nikola. Nikola’s hand will be used to punish you. What are we going to do, Osman Bey?

The gold sent by the governor will be confiscated!

Isn’t it true, Osman Bey, that seizing the gold provokes the Ilkhanid State’s wrath? Brother, we will not accept the gold in the hands of the Mongols. We’ll pluck Nikola’s gold from his grip. With one stone, we killed two birds. Filinta Mustafa Episode 12 In Urdu Subtitles was stopped by both of us. Nikola will not become stronger, and we will pay our Mongolian taxes.

Subtitles in Urdu for Filinta Mustafa Episode 12

How could you do such a thing without informing me? First and foremost, honey, relax. This isn’t something to take lightly. I took a few dowry trinkets with me. This is the gentleman’s tent, Malhun girl! You can’t think about it that way! Bala woman, like you stated. Everything was starting to make sense. It was evident where the Malhun girl got her fascination. Is this why you came to this camp? Have you gone around interfering in everyone’s affairs?

Episode 13   

Girl, you have your room!

You are free to do whatever you want there, but don’t get in the way here! Honey, honey, honey! Gentlemen, we’ll meet casually now that you’ve returned. May you continue to exist! Thanks! Sir, have a wonderful Ghazan! Thank you, David, master! Oh, my goodness! Osman Bey blessed Ghazan. Malhun woman, may you exist. Be present. The news of your addition to the camp arrived before the wind. Once again, you have caused a significant loss. There will be a lot of bloodsheds until Bamsi’s fire of vengeance is doused.

May my Lord spare your pussa from suffering.

Amine! If God permits, amen. As though I were born inside, I had a dinner prepared for you. If you’re hungry, you’ll come to my table if you’re on top of it. I’m having difficulty consulting with my gentlemen. I’m hoping for a Malhun chick later. Sir. Bala is my name. Ghazan, may you be blessed. Allow it to happen! Be present. Master David, Selamunaleykum. Also, salam aleykum. Please take it easy. Come on, if it’s simple. It was my father’s job. Take a shot at it.

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