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Filinta Mustafa Episode 20 With Urdu Subtitles

Filinta Mustafa Episode 20 In Urdu Subtitles by Mubitv

Filinta Mustafa Episode 20 With Urdu Subtitles I’ll help you too, dad. I’ll be the sharpest blade in your arsenal. Kaylar’s strength will be our ally. Are you certain that Mr. Osman is adamant about the wedding? Dad, I’m marrying her. He’s going to marry me. Keep your word. Let us pretend to be Kaylar’s relatives. Mix the apricot and Cuman drops of blood. May you be accompanied by a warlike generation. Allow my grandchildren to take over the role of Kay Bey. Father, they’ll be. Doubtless. Others have caught my attention as well.

Osman, please tell me about the afterlife.

(Gaza’s fire burns, and my father burns.) (The fire that seeks to destroy and crush Kaylar will continue to burn until the circle is reduced to ash.) (I won’t stop until then, informally.) Kay is going to mature. It is expected to expand. Kay’s foes will increase in number as well. Many more tekfurs will appear beside the negöl tekfur. In-person, the ruler of Constantinople will appear.

Sure, I’ll state it. But I’m worried about what I’m about to hear.

Did you vote in favour of Osman, the Prosecutor? Lena, Emmy betrayed me. You warned me often, but I ignored your warnings. For himself, he purchased the gentlemen. Hmmm, Bey or Osman, he was going to be. Over him, I chose Osman. So, Osman was your pick. So you decided to go with Bala rather than Hazal? Is that correct, Mr. Prosecutor? I’ll have to take Bala’s face from now on. Stop being so self-centered, Lena. Our kingdom is in jeopardy. Osman’s avarice and audacity lead us to the edge of the cliff.

Episode 20   

Destur. Mr. Hodja, I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your My mum is my inspiration.

It’s my child. I immediately dashed over to you. Son, thank you for visiting. I regret not arriving sooner. Allow me to examine you further. I’d forgotten about you. My father is a wonderful person. Son, thank you for visiting. My lioness is me. My lion, my father, Thank God, my father. Emmim bey, Osman. You voted for him, after all. What an admirable disposition. I am proud of myself as your son. Osman should have been emmim bey, of course. I indicated his brother, the Prosecutor, was aware of the situation. Informally, my younger brother Göktu will be a mountaineer. Sir, you have the order. Thanks. Thanks.

Boran, my younger brother, will join me.

It will follow me everywhere I go. Only he will be privy to my dark secrets. Sir, your command has been given to me. Thanks. On the other hand, Emma and their brother will undoubtedly oppose my rule. Flatyos will be executed tomorrow for his actions against Kay Beys. Nikola’s dog will get the same treatment when I get it. Make sure you have a full stomach. You are about to be hanged. That’s correct. Let’s make sure we don’t leave hungry on the other side. There was no wine, was there? Is this some nefarious dog food?

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