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Filinta Mustafa Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitle

Filinta Mustafa Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitle by Mubitv

Filinta Mustafa Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitle Our fight has only just begun, Malhun woman. Togay leaves and is replaced by a new one. That is not the case! We, on the other hand, are unstoppable! On the horizons we believe in, we’ll go all out! Togay swam in the wrong direction. He paid the price with his life. Osman killed Togay, but you were the one who sent him to the thin tree.

Is it Osman or you? As much as you benefited from this employment, so did Osman.

Furthermore, by murdering the barbarian in Söüt, he improved his standing among the Turkish nobility. Nikola, this Osman will return and bring us more grief. Or, to put it another way, whole new opportunities, Jason. Mix. Sir, the Mongolian ambassador, has come to visit you from Konya.

Now is the time to welcome our valued visitors.

What an honour, Mr. Ambassador, and thank you for coming. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. The veterans’ leader, Bamsi Bey. Erturul Gazi, the Kay Alps’ head, is a comrade. You perished as a result of the enemy who stalked Obama. Kay’s blood should never be spilled on the earth. Now you can watch Filinta Mustafa Episode 6 in Urdu with subtitles. Your children have now avenged you. They didn’t splatter your blood all over the place.

Episode 7   

You’d deny yourself sleep and race from one battle to the next.

You had a good night’s sleep. Don’t be left behind; you can sleep peacefully. Cerkutay is welcome to join us. You cry within, even though you’ve just recently met Mr. Bamsi. Consider our hearts in particular. Let’s do it, let’s do it. Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, and don’t be worried. Don’t bother looking back. Father. Oh, there is no such thing as Osman; he is Osman. Togay used to refer to him as “sky brush.”

Filinta Mustafa Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitle by Giveme5

I pray for you every night when I wake up. Bamsi will be the name of my son if I have one. I’ll let him know about you. It will be, or it will not be. You’re going to get married and start a family. Mr. Bamsi, please! Mr. Ambassador, I am awestruck. How can a valuable commander who is so loyal to Geyhatu turn against him?

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