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Filinta Mustafa Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitle

Filinta Mustafa Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitle by Atv

Filinta Mustafa Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitle Now, as Osman’s alpi, you should do the proper thing, Göktu. Thank you, brother, for speaking the truth. Hello, it’s me, bro. Osman’s alpine, Göktu, would benefit from this. This is something Osman’s alpine, Göktu, would be proud of. Alaca, you should collect the carpets separately. What are they for, exactly? Come on, and you know you want to.

The bride would add,

Malhun, that these will decorate every section of the tent you will reach as the mother wears herself out and frowns. Being Umur bey’s wife, on the other hand, necessitates competence. He’d take over the huge camp on his own, and the war’s scarcity would win out. Subtitles in Urdu for Filinta Mustafa Episode 8 He used to work on them in his spare time. Oh, my brave mother, you left us so quickly.

Allow Alaca to keep decorative rugs and embroidery in a separate location.

I was left wondering why we opened these, Malhun girl. Since we got to Kay Obas, they had been standing in the vote box. May my mother’s dream be fulfilled. May Osman Bey’s tent be decorated, and may he rest in peace, my darling. You wondered if Bala girl was aware of the situation. There’s no reason to keep that tent,

Episode 9   

I’m also a member of this tribe’s family.

Have you made yourself at home in their dens? What is the definition of settle? Not just Osman’s lair but also his tribe’s success is in my hands. I’ll wipe out the Turks’ blood sooner or later. But first, I’m going to steal Osman’s dream of having a son. And with these dexterous hands of yours. Malhun took me in his arms and hugged me like a brother.

Filinta Mustafa Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitle By Maheretv

My delicate hands are powerful enough to gouge their eyes out. Zoyi is the name of my deadly snake. To clarify. I’m not sure where to begin. Umur bey, Malhun chick, Alaca… Göktuğ… He’s head over heels in love with the knucklehead. Is your wind carrying this foolish lover away? Is it because of the wind? We’ll agree if you say storm, sir.

Strengthen your ties in that area, Zoyi.

Be my shadow and get in and out of every hole until I get the last blow. I want to know everything, not just what you hear, see, feel, or smell. I detect the odour of the goat. The taste of the pain I’ll suffer due to what I’m feeling. “I say,” I say. My mother made each of these by hand.

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