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Filinta Mustfa Season 1 & Season 2 In Urdu Subtitles

Filinta Mustafa Season 1 & Season 2 In Urdu Subtitles If somebody else is elected, God forbid, we will suffer the consequences. The fate of the Kaylar and the Turkish world will be decided today in the Kay Obasi. These remnants elucidate this. The beauty of voting is that it allows veterans to express their feelings. Oy, veteran’s sultan! Please vote for my handsome fellow! Mr. and I need to catch up. I must depart. Your authorization is granted. Subtitles in Urdu for Filinta Mustafa Seasons 1 & 2 Beautiful. Please go right away. David, we’ll find out who the gentleman is. Bamsi will accompany us to a hidden location with the new gentleman. I’ll visit Tekfur Nikola.

I don’t want to leave without something. You are going to give him a present.

Master Peter, as long as you say so. Flatyos from the camp will be kidnapped tonight. Are you all set? Nephew, don’t be alarmed. I continued to speak. They’re all going to be there for you. Today is the last day of the job. Osman will face the outcome calmly if God grants it to him. Bamsi will not accept those gentlemen’s decision if he does not recognize it. It’s a requirement. They are going to notice you. If they do so. Subtitles in Urdu for Filinta Mustafa Seasons 1 & 2

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On their heads, we are destroying the globe. Mr. Bamsi, I know. That’s correct.

Then, son, you’ll know who possesses Kayi’s tranquility. Kayi’s sanity has been restored. We’ll see what happens, Son. You will enter this tent as my son and depart as my master, inshallah by Allah’s will. Bams Bey, I hope you’re having a good time. That’s my hope. Hopefully, Osman Bey, I, too, have a clear opinion. I’ll say a couple of things when the word comes to me. Thanks. So, let’s go. Flats, the lion tamer.

Do you wear your Osman Bey when you go out? Enjoy it.

Do you believe I have a fear of dying? Like a dog, you’re terrified. Even if your mouth tells you something else, your eyes tell you the truth. Is your mind going to be the bridesmaid? Subtitles in Urdu for Filinta Mustafa Seasons 1 & 2 The wedding will go to our gentleman. Inegol was the first, followed by Yarhisar, Iznik, and Bursa. Allow me to exit, and I will hold you all accountable. Thanks to everyone.

What kills us is saying be with Almighty Allah’s ninety-nine names, which fill our hearts with the light of faith. Huh! May his spirit rest in peace to the late Erturul Gazi el Fatiha. Gentlemen of Kayi, each of you brought a great deal of welcome with you. Thanks. Thanks. The responsibility of officiating at Kay’s wedding has fallen to us as her elder chief.

Amine. Kayi’s gentlemen, I hope you remember who we picked as a gentleman.

I’d want to remind you, however. Erturul Gazi, the late clan ruler, did not reign as such. Erturul Gazi was a sultan who ruled with an iron fist. He never stated that he did not have a soldier. He didn’t say I’d collaborate with a few veterans.

That was the result. Beyler, Kay Kay sanjak cannot be lowered from Erturul Gazi’s high position.

A gentleman who does not trust himself or his size fears independence and freedom and sees the Greeks or the Mongols as their masters. This is too large for me. Subtitles in Urdu for Filinta Mustafa Seasons 1 & 2 You get to speak first, Mr. Dundar. Express yourself. Right, Bamsi Bey. We are the most natural of the skin, my three nephews and me.

I prefer to give up my entitlement to financially support one of these three brothers.
I’m a potential principality contender. Mr. Dundar, thank you. You have the order, Mr. Sulemis. Osman Bey, the son of our late lord Erturul Gazi, is the personification of Kay’s success. Osman Bey is my preferred choice. Thanks.

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